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Shell-model description of very neutron-deficient Pd and Cd nuclei
Sau J., Heyde K., Maldeghem J. V.
Nuclear Physics A 410 (1983) 14-28 [in2p3-00013471 - version 1]
The sign of the magnetic moment of $^(191)$Pt(g.s) determined by moessbauer effect on oriented nuclei
Berkes I., Marest G., Sayouty E.H.
in Hyperfine Interactions - International Conference On Hyperfine Interactions 6, Netherlands [in2p3-00015256 - version 1]
Soft $\pi^-$p and pp elastic scattering in the energy range 30 to 345 GeV
Burq J.-P., Chemarin M., Chevallier M., Denisov A.S., Dore C. et al
Nuclear Physics B 217 (1983) 285-335 [in2p3-00013401 - version 1]
The lear project and physics with low energy antiprotons at cern
Klapisch R.
In Physica Scripta - Nordic Meeting on Nuclear Physics 4, Denmark [in2p3-00004143 - version 1]
Detection of charged particles with a phoswich counter
Pastor C., Benrachi F., Chambon B., Drain D., Dauchy A. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 212 (1983) 209-215 [in2p3-00003758 - version 1]
Neutron emission from projectile-like and target-like fragments in the $^(18)$O + $^(48)$Ti reaction at E($^(18)$O) = 116 MeV
Chambon B., Drain D., Pastor C., Dauchy A., Giorni A. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 312 (1983) 125-133 [in2p3-00014842 - version 1]
Approche rotor plus deux quasi-particules de noyaux impairs-impairs a partir d'un champ self-consistent
Bennour L.
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI (1983) [in2p3-00002803 - version 1]
Investigation of linear momentum transfer on the $^(20)$Ne+$^(197)$Au system at 30 MeV/A
Nebbia G., Tomasi E., Ngo C., Chen X.S., La Rana G. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 311 (1983) 247-248 [in2p3-00013236 - version 1]
The influence of implanted dopants on stresses and diffusion properties in NiO films during thermal oxidation of Ni
Loison D., Pivin J.C., Chaumont J., Roques-Carmes C.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research - International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials 3, France [in2p3-00002147 - version 1]
Linear momentum transfer investigated in the $^(20)$Ne+$^(197)$Au and $^(209)$Bi systems at 30 MeV/u
La Rana G., Nebbia G., Tomasi E., Ngo C., Chen X.S. et al
Nuclear Physics A 407 (1983) 233-254 [in2p3-00013235 - version 1]