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Dark matter indirect detection from dwarf spheroidal galaxies (dSphs) and galaxy clusters
Maurin D.
What are we learning from the gamma-ray sky?, États-Unis (2013) [in2p3-00904693 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server The Polarized Radiation Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission
André P., Baccigalupi C., Banday A., Barbosa D., Barreiro B. et al
[hal-00923419 - version 1] (02/01/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server Constraints on cosmic (super)strings from the LIGO-Virgo gravitational-wave detectors
Aasi J., Abadie J., Abbott B.P., Abbott R., Abbott T. et al
[in2p3-00923576 - version 1] (03/01/2014)
Instrument simulations for the EUCLID space mission
Zoubian J., Apostolakos N., Chapon A., Diaz A., Ealet A. et al
ADASS XXIII, États-Unis (2013) [in2p3-00917110 - version 1]
fulltext access Analyses des propriétés locales des galaxies hôtes des Supernovae de type Ia dans la collaboration The Nearby Supernova Factory
Rigault M.
Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I (26/09/2013), Yannick Copin (Dir.) [tel-00905574 - version 1]
The high voltage power supplies of the CREAM experiment
Eraud L., Le Comte E., Medale J.L., Menchaca-Rocha A.A., Scordilis J.P. et al
Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics (TWEPP-13), Italy (2013) [in2p3-00873035 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Planck 2013 results. XXX. Cosmic infrared background measurements and implications for star formation
Ade P.A.R., Aghanim N., Armitage-Caplan C., Arnaud M., Ashdown M. et al
[in2p3-00925897 - version 1] (08/01/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server Probing the Circumgalactic Medium at High-Redshift Using Composite BOSS Spectra of Strong Lyman-alpha Forest Absorbers
Pieri M. M., Mortonson M. J., Frank S., Crighton N., Weinberg D. H. et al
[in2p3-00903681 - version 1] (2013-11-12)
fulltext accessible on an other server Planck intermediate results. XV. A study of anomalous microwave emission in Galactic clouds
Ade P.A.R., Aghanim N., Alves M.I.R., Arnaud M., Atrio-Barandela F. et al
[in2p3-00903629 - version 1] (12/11/2013)
fulltext accessible on an other server Photometry of supernovae in an image series: methods and application to the SuperNova Legacy Survey (SNLS)
Astier P., El Hage P., Guy J., Hardin D., Betoule M. et al
Astronomy & Astrophysics 557 (2013) 55 [in2p3-00880710 - version 1]