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Viscous Dissipation in the Galactic Center Region
Belmont R., Tagger M.
Dans Journal of Physics Conference Series - Galactic Center Workshop 2006--From the Center of the Milky Way to Nearby Low-Luminosity Galactic Nuclei, Allemagne [in2p3-00141559 - version 1]
The Second IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog
Bird A.J., Barlow E.J., Bassani L., Bazzano A., Bélanger G. et al
Astrophysical Journal 636 (2006) 765-776 [in2p3-00138814 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server The Signature of ^44Ti in Cassiopeia A Revealed by IBIS/ISGRI on INTEGRAL
Renaud M., Vink J., Decourchelle A., Lebrun F., Hartog P. R. D. et al
Astrophysical Journal 647 (2006) L41-L44 [in2p3-00138805 - version 1]
Second generation crystals for Laue lens applications
Barrière N., von Ballmoos P., Bastie P., Courtois P., Abrosimov N.V. et al
Dans Space Telescopes and Instruments II: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray - Astronomical Telescopes And Instrumentation 2006, États-Unis (2006) [in2p3-00138519 - version 1]
$^(10)$Be evidence for the Matuyama-Brunhes geomagnetic reversal in the EPICA Dome C ice core
Raisbeck G.M., Yiou F., Cattani O., Jouzel J.
Nature 444 (2006) 82-84 [in2p3-00138066 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Accreting X-ray millisecond pulsars observed with INTEGRAL
Falanga M.
6th INTEGRAL Workshop, Russie, Fédération De (2006) [in2p3-00137730 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server HESS Observations of the Galactic Center Region and Their Possible Dark Matter Interpretation
Aharonian F., Akhperjanian A.G., Bazer-Bachi A.R., Beilicke M., Benbow W. et al
Physical Review Letters 97 (2006) 221102 [in2p3-00137679 - version 1]
In situ cosmogenic $^(10)$Be dating of the Quaternary glaciations in the southern Shaluli Mountain on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau
Wang J., Raisbeck G., Xu X., Yiou F., Bai S.
Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences 49 (2006) 1291-1298 [in2p3-00137674 - version 1]
fulltext access Nature and evolution of the dominant carbonaceous matter in interplanetary dust particles: effects of irradiation and identification with a type of amorphous carbon
Muñoz Caro G.M., Matrajt G., Dartois E., Nuevo M., D'Hendecourt L. et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics 459 (2006) 147-159 [in2p3-00137337 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Constraining global parameters of accreting black holes by modeling magnetic flares
Goosmann R.W., Mouchet M., Dovciak M., Karas V., Czerny B. et al
The Extreme Universe in the Suzaku Era, Japon (2006) [in2p3-00136903 - version 1]