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ELIXIR, a distributed infrastructure for biological information in Europe
Breton V. Vincent, Lyall A.
4th EGEE User Forum/OGF 25 and OGF Europe's 2nd International Event, Italie (2009) [in2p3-00448919 - version 1]
Status of activities at LPC
Da Costa A.
FKPPL Workshop, France (2009) [in2p3-00441203 - version 1]
WISDOM: la grille de calcul pour la recherche contre le paludisme
L. Da Costa A.
Bioinformatique de Plasmodium falciparum, France (2009) [in2p3-00441197 - version 1]
Role of RNA structure and protein factors in the control of HIV-1 splicing
Saliou J.-M., Bourgeois C., Mena L. A.-B., Ropers D., Jacquenet S. et al
Frontiers in Bioscience 14 (2009) 2714-2729 [hal-00793011 - version 1]
GLITE IV: Application example - WISDOM
Breton V.
ISSGC'09, the 7th International Summer School on Grid Computing, France (2009) [in2p3-00448882 - version 1]
Grids applied to life sciences: status and perspectives
Breton V.
e-NMR training workshop, Italie (2009) [in2p3-00448876 - version 1]
Da Costa A.
Rapport de recherche (2009) [in2p3-00448852 - version 1]
Grid Technology for Life Sciences
Da Costa A.
Rapport de recherche (2009) [in2p3-00448849 - version 1]
Performance analysis and optimization of AMGA for the large-scale virtual screening
Ahn S., Kim N., Lee S. Yip, Nam D., Hwang S. et al
Software: Practice & Experience 39 (2009) 1055-1072 [in2p3-00448651 - version 1]
Design and Discovery of Plasmepsin II Inhibitors Using an Automated Workflow on Large-Scale Grids
Degliesposti G., Kasam V., Da Costa A., Kang H.-K., Kim N. et al
ChemMedChem 4 (2009) 1164-1173 [in2p3-00448629 - version 1]