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PIXSIC: A Pixellated Beta-Microprobe for Kinetic Measurements of Radiotracers on Awake and Freely Moving Small Animals
Godart J., Weiss P., Chantepie B., C. Clemens J., Delpierre P. et al
IEEE Tansactions on Nuclear Science 57 (2010) 998-1007 [in2p3-00529435 - version 1]
Design Guidelines for a Double Scattering Compton Camera for Prompt-gamma Imaging During Ion Beam Therapy: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study
Richard M.-H., Chevallier M., Dauvergne D., Freud N., Henriquet P. et al
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 58 (2010) 87-94 [in2p3-00527432 - version 1]
Study of the charge sharing effect in the photon-counting pixel detector XPAD3-S
Cassol-Brunner F., Benoit D., Bérar J.-F., Clémens J.-C., Morel C.
Dans Nuclear instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment - 11th International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors (iWoRiD 2009), Tchèque, République (2009) [in2p3-00474986 - version 1]
The effect of zinc on hydroxyapatite-mediated activation of human polymorphonuclear neutrophils and bone implant-associated acute inflammation
Velard F., Laurent-Maquin D., Braux J., Guillaume C., Bouthors S. et al
Biomaterials 31 (2010) 2001-2009 [in2p3-00473929 - version 1]
Cone-Beam Computerized Tomography Reconstruction Techniques for the Hybrid Pixel XPAD3 prototype
Boursier Y.
Workshop on Synergies in Astronomy and Medicine AstroMed09, Australie (2009) [in2p3-00475449 - version 1]
Design and Construction of the ClearPET/XPAD Small Animal PET/CT Scanner
Morel C.
1er Colloque annuel de l'IST, Alliance nationale pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé, France (2009) [in2p3-00869555 - version 1]
Relative Interest of CT Scanner Imaging Over Fluorescence Microscopy for Preclinical Research on Glioblastoma
Debarbieux F., Stanchi F., Bonissent A., Hemmer C., Meessen C. et al
2009 World Molecular Imaging Congress, Canada (2009) [in2p3-00869546 - version 1]
Accelerated Image Reconstruction on a Cluster of Two AMD GPUs in CBCT with Non-uniform Detector Geometry
Bonissent A., Morel C.
5th International Conference on Imaging Technologies in Biomedical Sciences (ITBS 2009), Grèce (2009) [in2p3-00417381 - version 1]
Reconstruction of 3D ion beam micro-tomography data for applications in Cell Biology
Habchi C., Nguyen D.T., Barberet P., Incerti S., Moretto P. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research 267 (2009) 2107-2112 [in2p3-00426833 - version 1]
Dispositif de détection de la désintégration de radioisotopes dans un tissu biologique
Delpierre P., Auguste R., Dinkespiller B., Godard J., P.-L. Laniece P. et al
(17/04/2009) 2922320 - France [in2p3-00665799 - version 1]