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fulltext access Component Separation for Spectral X-Ray Imaging Using the XPAD3 Hybrid Pixel Camera
Dupont M., Boursier Y., Bonissent A., Galland F., Cassol Brunner F. et al
2013 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, Corée, République De (2013) [in2p3-00956664 - version 1]
The OTAVA Fragment-Based Library
Andrey D.
The OTAVA Fragment-Based Library, France (2013) [hal-00864207 - version 1]
N/A : [{description}]
Fibronectin expression in glioblastomas promotes cell cohesion, collective invasion of basement membrane in vitro and orthotopic tumor growth in mice.
Serres E., Debarbieux F., Stanchi F., Maggiorella L., Grall D. et al
Oncogene (2013) epub ahead of print [hal-00862133 - version 1]
A data acquisition system for medical imaging
Abellan C., Cachemiche J.-P., Rethore F., Morel C.
ANIMMA'2013, International Conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation, Measurement Methods and their Applications, France (2013) [in2p3-00868893 - version 1]
fulltext access 2012 Activity Report of the Regional Research Programme on Hadrontherapy for the ETOILE Center
Alphonse G., Ardail D., Armandy E., Bajard M., Balosso J. et al
Rapport de recherche [hal-00840163 - version 1]
fulltext access Analyzing huge pathology images with open source software.
Deroulers C., Ameisen D., Badoual M., Gerin C., Granier A. et al
Diagnostic Pathology 8, 1 (2013) 92 [inserm-00842931 - version 1]
The characterization and certification of a quantitative reference material for Legionella detection and quantification by qPCR.
Baume M., Garrelly L., Facon J.P., Bouton S., Fraisse P.O. et al
Journal of Applied Microbiology 114, 6 (2013) 1725-33 [hal-00972282 - version 1]
fulltext access Miniature curved artificial compound eyes.
Floreano D., Pericet-Camara R., Viollet S., Ruffier F., Brückner A. et al
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110, 23 (2013) 9267-72 [hal-00835031 - version 1]
fulltext access Laboratory of Excellence Physic Radiobiology Medical Imaging and Simulation - PRIMES
Rayet B., Dauvergne D., Peyrin F.
8èmes journées scientifiques du CLARA, France (2013) [hal-00855004 - version 1]