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Les nouvelles technologies pour l'identification des ganglions sentinelles dans le cancer du sein
Mathelin C., Brasse D., Brettes J.P., Guyonnet J.L.
Dans Cancer du sein (2007) 132-150 [in2p3-00203962 - version 1]
Optimization of sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer using an operative gamma camera
Mathelin C., Salvador S., Croce S., Andriamisandratsoa N., Huss D. et al
World Journal of Surgical Oncology 5 (2007) 132-150 [in2p3-00203993 - version 1]
WISDOM-I data challenge on malaria: status of biochemical analysis
Da Costa A.
BioinfoGRID Symposium 2007, Bioinformatics Grid Application for Life Science, Italie (2007) [in2p3-00199792 - version 1]
WISDOM: In silico Drug Discovery Effort for Finding Novel Hits Against Malaria Using Computational Grid Infrastructure
Kasam V.
Virtual Discovery Europe conference, Royaume-Uni (2007) [in2p3-00191021 - version 1]
Design of New Plasmepsin Inhibitors: A Virtual High Throughput Screening Approach on the EGEE Grid
Kasam V., Zimmermann M., Maass A., Schwichtenberg H., Wolf A. et al
Journal of chemical information and modeling 47 (2007) 1818-1828 [in2p3-00171178 - version 1]
Récidives ganglionnaires axillaires après lymphadénectomie sentinelle pour cancer du sein Axillary lymph node recurrence after sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer
Mathelin C., Salvador S., Guyonnet J.L.
Journal de gynécologie, obstétrique et biologie de la reproduction 36 (2007) 253 - 259 [in2p3-00167748 - version 1]
Study of 4 inorganic scintillating crystals for an operative gamma probe in radioguided surgery
Salvador S., Guyonnet J.L.
Journal of Instrumentation 2 (2007) P08003 [in2p3-00167359 - version 1]
An operative gamma camera for sentinel lymph node procedure in case of breast cancer
Salvador S., Bekaert V., Mathelin C., L. Guyonnet J., Huss D.
Journal of Instrumentation 2 (2007) P07003 [in2p3-00167357 - version 1]
Direct electron imaging in electron microscopy with monolithic active pixel sensors
Deptuch G., Besson A., Rehak P., Szelezniak M., Wall J. et al
Ultramicroscopy 107 (2007) 674-684 [in2p3-00166452 - version 1]
From genes to personalized healthcare: Grid solutions for the Life Sciences
Jacq N., Müller H., Blanquer I., Legré Y., Breton V. et al
(2007) XIV-341 p. [in2p3-00163006 - version 1]