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Natural Element Method for the Simulation of Structures and Processes
Chinesta F., Cescotto S., Cueto E., Lorong P.
(2011) 241 [hal-01002856 - version 1]
Transport Measurements of Strongly Correlated Electrons on Helium in a Classical Point-Contact Device
Rees D.G., Kuroda I., A. Marrache-Kikuchi C., Höfer M., Leiderer P. et al
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 166 (2011) 107-124 [in2p3-00670604 - version 1]
Nucleation and growth of intragranular defect and insoluble atom clusters in nuclear oxide fuels
Garcia P., Martin G., Sabathier C., Carlot G., Michel A. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 277 (2011) 98-108 [in2p3-00658341 - version 1]
In-situ TEM study of the stability of nano-oxides in ODS steels under ion-irradiation
Lescoat M.-L., Ribis J., Gentils A., Kaïtasov O., De Carlan Y. et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials 428 (2011) 176-182 [in2p3-00658301 - version 1]
Chlorine speciation in nuclear graphite studied by X-ray absorption near-edge structure
Vaudey C.-E., Gaillard C., Toulhoat N., Moncoffre N., Schlegel M.L. et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials 418 (2011) 16-21 [hal-00637268 - version 1]
fulltext access Structural changes induced by heavy ion irradiation in titanium silicon carbide
Nappé J.-C., Monnet I., Grosseau P., Audubert F., Guilhot B. et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials 409, 1 (2011) 53-61 [hal-00558236 - version 1]
Search for BR(Bs->mu+ mu-) at the LHCb experiment
Adrover C.
Jounées Jeunes Chercheurs 2010, France (2010) [in2p3-00552157 - version 1]
A new type of 0 0 1 junction observed in a (B2) Fe-Al-Ni-B alloy by TEM in situ straining
Fraczkiewicz A., Décamps B., Colas D., Calonne O., Louchet F.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 499, 2 (2010) 176-182 [emse-00498558 - version 1]
When the solution of 3D models only involves 2D complexity
Chinesta F., Bognet B., Poitou A., Leygue A., Cueto E.
9th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, Australie (2010) [hal-01009112 - version 1]
Towards the Third Generation of Surgical Simulators
Niroomandi S., Alfaro I., Cueto E., Chinesta F.
4th European Conference on Computational Mechanics, France (2010) [hal-01009063 - version 1]