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DuratiNet - Durable Transport Infrastructures in the Atlantic Area
Salta M., O'Connor A.J., SCHOEFS F., Ryan P.C.
Transport Research Arena 2010 "Greener, Safer and Smarter Road Transport for Europe", TRA'2010, Belgium (2010) [hal-01008081 - version 1]
Detection of pitting corrosion in steel using image processing
Ghosh B., Pakrashi V., SCHOEFS F.
2nd International Conference on Applications Heritage and Constructions in Coastal and Marine Environment, MEDACHS'010, France (2010) [hal-01008058 - version 1]
Applications of Proper Generalized Decomposition in Material Forming Process Simulation
Garcia J.A., Gascon L.I., Cueto E., Chinesta F.
Seventh International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology, Spain (2010) [hal-01007901 - version 1]
Static and cyclic stretching: Their different effects on the passive torque-angle curve
Nordez A., Mc Nair P., Casari P., Cornu C.
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 13, 1 (2010) 156-160 [hal-01007320 - version 1]
Model Order Reduction for Hyperelastic Materials
Niroomandi S., Alfaro I., Cueto E., Chinesta F.
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 81, 9 (2010) 1180-1206 [hal-01007059 - version 1]
Mix design of concrete with high content of mineral additions: Optimisation to improve early age strength
Khokhar M., Rozière E., Turcry P., Grondin F., Loukili A.
Cement and Concrete Composites 32, 5 (2010) 377-385 [hal-01007052 - version 1]
Development of a two stage inspection process for the assessment of deteriorating bridge structures
Sheils E., O'Connor A.J., Breysse D., SCHOEFS F., Yotte S.
Reliability Engineering and System Safety 95, 3 (2010) 182-194 [hal-01006740 - version 1]
A Review of the Optical Microstructure and Rheology of Carbon Nanotube Suspensions
Ma A., Yearsley K., Mackley M.R., Chinesta F.
Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems 222, 3 (2010) 71-94 [hal-01004938 - version 1]
XRD contribution to the study of Cs-implanted cubic zirconia
Debelle A., Declemy A., Vincent L., Garrido F., Thome L.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 396 (2010) 240-244 [in2p3-00670140 - version 1]
Wafer-scale fabrication of magneto-photonic structures in Bismuth Iron Garnet thin film
Magdenko L., Popova E., Vanwolleghem M., Pang C., Fortuna F. et al
Microelectronic Engineering 87 (2010) 2437-2442 [in2p3-00670135 - version 1]