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High incidence of anticytomegalovirus drug resistance among D+R- kidney transplant recipients receiving preemptive therapy.
Couzi L., Helou S., Bachelet T., Moreau K., Martin S. et al
American Journal of Transplantation 12, 1 (2012) 202-9 [hal-00675701 - version 1]
Microbial diversity in contaminated soils along the T22 trench of the Chernobyl experimental platform
Chapon V., Piette L., Vesvres M.-H., Coppin F., Le Marrec C. et al
Applied Geochemistry (2012) 1375-1383 [in2p3-00662652 - version 1]
Bacterial community analysis of contaminated soils from Chernobyl
Sergeant C., Chapon V., Berthomieu C., Vesvres M.H., Piette L. et al
twenty-five years after Chernobyl accident, Ukraine (2011) [in2p3-00663417 - version 1]
Uranium interactions with bacterial communities from contaminated soils in Chernobyl
Sergeant C., Theodorakopoulos N., Piette L., Vesvres M.H., Le Marrec C. et al
In Mineralogic Magazine - Goldschmidt conference, Czech Republic (2011) [in2p3-00662398 - version 1]
Role of RNA structure and protein factors in the control of HIV-1 splicing
Saliou J.-M., Bourgeois C., Mena L. A.-B., Ropers D., Jacquenet S. et al
Frontiers in Bioscience 14 (2009) 2714-2729 [hal-00793011 - version 1]
Results from a four-year study on the prevalence of nosocomial infections in Franche-Comté: attempt to rank the risk of nosocomial infection.
Floret N., Bailly P., Bertrand X., Claude B., Louis-Martinet C. et al
Journal of Hospital Infection 63, 4 (2006) 393-8 [hal-00462012 - version 1]
In-vivo impact of the MexXY efflux system on aminoglycoside efficacy in an experimental model of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia treated with tobramycin.
Martha B., Croisier D., Durand D., Hocquet D., Plesiat P. et al
Clinical Microbiology and Infection 12, 5 (2006) 426-32 [hal-00510523 - version 1]