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fulltext access Ultra high mass-resolution for space exploration: the Orbitrap mass analyser
Carrasco N., Szopa C., Chapuis C., Bouabdellah A., Thissen R. et al
Dans EPSC 2012 (European Planetary Science Congress) - EPSC 2012 (European Planetary Science Congress), Espagne (2012) [hal-00742727 - version 1]
Coupling of native IEF and extended X-ray absorption fine structure to characterize zinc-binding sites from pI isoforms of SOD1 and A4V pathogenic mutant
Chevreux S., Llorens I., Lorenzo Solari P., Roudeau S., Deves G. et al
ELECTROPHORESIS 33 (2012) 1276-1281 [in2p3-00699389 - version 1]
fulltext access Recherche et caractérisation de microorganismes dans les compartiments géologiques profonds
Barsotti V.
UNIVERSITE DE BORDEAUX1 (03/11/2011), Claire Sergeant (Dir.) [tel-00688631 - version 1]
Development of a new facility for dating old ground waters and ice cores using 81Kr.
Lavielle B., Gilabert E., Thomas B.
Developments in Noble Gas Understanding And Expertise, France (2011) [in2p3-00663814 - version 1]
Direct speciation analysis of inorganic elements in single cells using X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Ortega R.
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 26 (2011) 23-29 [in2p3-00586110 - version 1]
fulltext access Porosities accessible to HTO and iodide on water-saturated compacted clay materials and relation with the forms of water: A low field proton NMR study
Montavon G., Guo Z., Tournassat C., Grambow B., Le Botlan D.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Acta 73, 24 (2009) 7290-7302 [hal-00450881 - version 1]
Study on a micro-gas sensor with SnO2-NiO sensitive film for indoor formaldehyde detection
Lv P., A. Tang Z., Yu J., Zhang F.T., Wei G.F. et al
Sensors and Actuators B Chemical 132 (2008) 74-80 [in2p3-00294752 - version 1]
Experimental characterization and Monte Carlo simulation of Si(Li) detector efficiency by radioactive sources and PIXE
Mesradi M., Elanique A., Nourreddine A., Pape A., Raiser D. et al
Dans Applied Radiation and Isotopes - 16th International Conference on Radionuclide Metrology and its Applications, Afrique Du Sud (2007) [in2p3-00289610 - version 1]
fulltext access Emission ionique des solides à l'impact d'agrégats Au$_n^+$ (n=1-9) accélérés entre 0.15 et 1.25 MeV
Wehbe N.
Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I (06/06/2006), Mireille Fallavier (Dir.) [tel-00097671 - version 1]
Complexation of Lanthanide(III) and Actinide(III) Catins with Tridentate Nitrogen-Donor Ligands: A Luminescence and Spectrophotometric Study
Miguirditchian M., Guillaneux D., François N., Airvault S., Ducros S. et al
Nuclear Science and Engineering 153 (2006) 223-232 [in2p3-00090168 - version 1]