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A palaeo Tibet-Myanmar connection; reconstructing the late Eocene drainage system of central Myanmar using a multi-proxy approach
Licht A., France-Lanord C., Reisberg L., Fontaine C., Soe A.N. et al
Journal of the Geological Society of London 170, 6 (2013) 929-939 [hal-01006641 - version 1]
Is nitrogen functionality responsible for contrasted responses of riverine dissolved organic matter in pyrolysis?
Templier J., Miserque F., Barre N., Mercier F., Croué J.P. et al
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 97 (2012) 62-72 [hal-00832407 - version 1]
Catalyseurs supportés pour la conversion des liquéfiats de charbon.
Stihle J., Geantet C., Uzio D., Charon Y.
GECat GFZ 2011, France (2011) [hal-00603961 - version 1]
Synthesis and caracterization of composites materials type ZSM-5/Al-MCM41.
Habib S., Comparot J.D., Launay F., Laforge S., Millot Y. et al
Studies and Surface Sciences, 1 (2007) 1 [hal-00312833 - version 1]
New membrane for use as hydrogen distributor for hydrocarbon selective hydrogenation.
Chommeloux B., Cimaomo S., Jolimaitre E., Uzio D., Magnoux P. et al
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 1 (2007) 1 [hal-00312832 - version 1]
Functional ionic compounds for asymmetric catalysis and separation: Application on the synthesis of nanostructured silica bearing ionic substructures
Hesemann P., Gadenne B., J. Moreau J., Ouadi A., Billard I. et al
Dans ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY - Ionic Liquids: Not Just Solvents Anymore - OR -Ionic Liquids: Parallel Futures, 231st American Chemical Society National Meeting, États-Unis [in2p3-00104703 - version 1]