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Investigation of astatine chemistry in solution
Champion J., Sabatié-Gogova A., Bassal F., Ayed T., Renault E. et al
WIPR 2013: Workshop on Innovative Personalized Radioimmunotherapy, France (2013) [in2p3-00850856 - version 1]
Task-Specific Ionic Liquids Bearing 2-Hydroxybenzylamine Units: Synthesis and Americium-Extraction Studies
Ouadi A., Gadenne B., Hesemann P., Moreau J. J.E., Billard I. et al
Chemistry - A European Journal 12, 11 (2006) 3074-3081 [hal-00178038 - version 1]
Extraction of Lanthanides from Aqueous Solution by Using Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in Conjunction
Mekki S., Wai C. M., Billard I., Moutiers G., Burt J. et al
Chemistry - A European Journal 12, 6 (2005) 1760-1766 [hal-00177988 - version 1]