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fulltext access Unusual structure, bonding and properties in a californium borate
Polinski M. J., Garner E. B., Maurice R., Planas N., Stritzinger J. T. et al
Nature Chemistry (2014) [in2p3-00966875 - version 1]
The reaction of the benzene cation with acetylenes for the growth of PAHs in the interstellar medium
Chemical Physics Letters 595-596C (2014) 13-19 [hal-00956456 - version 1]
Pseudo Jahn-Teller effect, spin-orbit coupling, and electron correlation in the XF3 (X=Cl, Br, I, At) series
Sergentu D.-C., Maurice R.
Workshop Jujols VII, Allemagne (2014) [in2p3-00965741 - version 1]
Graphitization at low temperatures (600-1200 °C) in the presence of iron implications in planetology
Charon E., Rouzaud J.-N., Aleon J.
Carbon 66 (2014) 178-190 [hal-00968173 - version 1]
fulltext access Correlated detection of neutral and charged fragments in collision induced fragmentation of molecular clusters
Abdoul-Carime H., Berthias F., Farizon B., Farizon M.
[in2p3-00932145 - version 1] (16/01/2014)
fulltext access A novel "COrrelated Ion and Neutral Time Of Flight" Method: event-by-event detection of neutral and charged fragments in Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) of mass selected ions
Teyssier C., Fillol R., Abdoul-Carime H., Farizon B., Farizon M. et al
Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (2014) 015118 [in2p3-00932141 - version 1]
Comparison of the multi-configuration, time-dependent Hartree (MCTDH) method with the Arthurs and Dalgarno coupled-channel method for rotationally inelastic scattering
Malenda R.F., Gatti F., Meyer H.-D., Talbi D., Hickman P.
Chemical Physics Letters 585 (2013) 184 [hal-00870861 - version 1]
Dynamics of the D++ H2 → HD + H+ Reaction at the Low Energy Regime by Means of a Statistical Quantum Method
Gonzalez-Lezana T., Honvault P., SCRIBANO Y.
Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013) 054301 [hal-00853698 - version 1]
Investigation of astatine chemistry in solution
Champion J., Sabatié-Gogova A., Bassal F., Ayed T., Renault E. et al
WIPR 2013: Workshop on Innovative Personalized Radioimmunotherapy, France (2013) [in2p3-00850856 - version 1]
State-to-State Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Rate Coefficients for the D+ + H2 → HD + H+ Reaction at Low Temperature
SCRIBANO Y., Honvault P.
Journal of Physical Chemistry (2013) 10.1021/jp3124549 [hal-00801244 - version 1]