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fulltext access Observation of thermally activated glassiness and memory dip in a-NbSi insulating thin films
Delahaye J., Grenet T., Marrache-Kikuchi C., Bergé L., Drillien A.A.
Europhysics Letters 106 (2014) 67006 [hal-01015916 - version 1]
Modes of Periodic Domain Wall Motion in Ultrathin Ferromagnetic Layers
Kleemann W., Rhensius J., Petracic O., Ferré J., Jamet J.P. et al
Physical Review Letters 99 (2007) 097203 [in2p3-00169321 - version 1]
Determination of the defect creation mechanism in the mono-silicated fluoroapatite. Disorder modeling under repository conditions
Soulet S., Carpena J., Chaumont J., Krupa J.-C., Ruault M.O.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 299 (2001) 227-234 [in2p3-00019747 - version 1]
On the distribution of the Wigner time delay in one-dimensional disordered systems
Comtet A., Texier C.
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 30 (1997) 8017-8025 [in2p3-00000188 - version 1]
Quantum chaotic dynamics and random polynomials
Bogomolny E., Bohigas O., Leboeuf P.
Journal of Statistical Physics 85 (1996) 639-679 [in2p3-00001835 - version 1]
Quantum chaos on constant negative curvature surfaces
Bogomolny E.B., Georgeot B., Giannoni M.J., Schmit C.
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 5 (1995) 1311-1323 [in2p3-00003226 - version 1]
fulltext access On the flux distribution in a one dimensional disordered system
Monthus C., Comtet A.
Journal de Physique I 4, 5 (1994) 635-653 [jpa-00246938 - version 1]
Quantum chaos methods applied to high-frequency plate vibrations
Legrand O., Schmit C., Sornette D.
Europhysics Letters (EPL) 18 (1992) 101-106 [in2p3-00005442 - version 1]
On dynamical zeta function
Bogomolny E.B.
Chaos 2 (1992) 5-13 [in2p3-00005431 - version 1]
Quantum nodal points as fingerprints of classical chaos
Leboeuf P., Voros A.
In On quantum chaos (1992) PM [in2p3-00005429 - version 1]