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fulltext accessible on an other server Search for non-pointing and delayed photons in the diphoton and missing transverse momentum final state in 8 TeV $pp$ collisions at the LHC using the ATLAS detector
Aad G., Albrand S., Brown J., Collot J., Crépé-Renaudin S. et al
[in2p3-01066609 - version 1] (22/09/2014)
ANTARES/KM3NeT: neutrinos out of the blue
Coyle P.
5th Workshop on Air Shower Detection at High Altitude, France (2014) [in2p3-01066285 - version 1]
TAToO: follow-up of high energy neutrinos detected by the ANTARES telescope
Mathieu A.
Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Multi-messenger Era, France (2014) [in2p3-01066279 - version 1]
Neutrino telescopes
Coyle P.
FPCP 2014 - Flavor Physics & CP Violation, France (2014) [in2p3-01066265 - version 1]
Mediterranean neutrino telescopes
Coyle P.
Frontiers of Fundamental Physics 14, France (2014) [in2p3-01066252 - version 1]
Ethylene glycol intercalation in smectites. Molecular dynamics simulation studies
Szczerba M., Klapyta Z., Kalinichev A. G.
Applied Clay Science 91-92 (2014) 87-97 [in2p3-01066243 - version 1]
SNR and molecular cloud associations as seen by H.E.S.S.
Trichard C.
Cosmic Rays & their Interstellar Medium Environment (CRISM-2014), France (2014) [in2p3-01066238 - version 1]
Signals Induced by Charge Carrier Trapping
Arnaud Q.
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 176 (2014) 924-929 [in2p3-01066225 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server iPTF13beo: The Double-Peaked Light Curve of a Type Ibn Supernova Discovered Shortly after Explosion
Gorbikov E., Gal-Yam A., Ofek E. O., Vreeswijk P. M., Nugent P. E. et al
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 443 (2014) 671-677 [in2p3-01066224 - version 1]
Neutrino telescopes
Costantini H.
Dans Physics of atomic Nuclei (Yadernaya fizika) - 13th International Moscow School of Physics and 38th ITEP Winter School of Physics, Russie, Fédération De (2010) [in2p3-01066121 - version 1]