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fulltext access Calibration of a germanium well-detector using $^(60)$Co: the effects of the angular correlation of the two gamma rays emitted in cascade, quantified with Monte Carlo simulations
Courtine F., Sanzelle S., Pilleyre T., Miallier D.
Radiation Measurements 61 (2014) 78-82 [in2p3-00176273 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Terascale Physics Opportunities at a High Statistics, High Energy Neutrino Scattering Experiment: NuSOnG
Adams T., Batra P., Bugel L., Camilleri L., Conrad J.M. et al
International Journal of Modern Physics A 24 (2009) 671-717 [in2p3-00262125 - version 1]
Simulation of PIXSCAN, a photon counting micro-CT for small animal imaging
Cassol Brunner F., Khoury R., Benoit D., Meessen C., Morel C.
Dans Journal of instrumentation - 4th International Conference on Imaging Technologies in Biomedical Sciences, Grèce (2007) [in2p3-00187248 - version 1]
Estimators of Long-Memory: Fourier versus Wavelets
Faÿ G., Moulines E., Roueff F., Taqqu M.S.
Journal of Econometrics 151 (2009) 159-177 [in2p3-00185534 - version 1]
New physics search in Bs->JpsiPhi and Bs->PhiPhi at LHCb, including ATLAS and CMS results
Leroy O.
Flavour as a Window to New Physics at the LHC, Suisse (2008) [in2p3-00282886 - version 1]
Distribution spatiale du plasma au voisinage de l'électrode-plasma d'une source d'ions négatifs
Bacal M., Svarnas P., Breton J., Béchu S., Lemoine D. et al
Xe Congrès de la Division Plasmas de la Société Française de Physique, France (2008) [in2p3-00281919 - version 1]
Deconvolution of (x ,y, wavelength) images
Soulez F., Thiébaut E., Bongard S.
Dans Astronomical Data Analysis V - Astronomical Data Analysis V, Grèce (2008) [ujm-00285742 - version 1]
A detailed ray-tracing simulation of the high resolution microbeam at the AIFIRA facility
Andersson F., Barberet P., Incerti S., Moretto P.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms B266 (2008) 1653-1658 [in2p3-00202872 - version 1]
The XPAD3 detector: A fast hybrid pixel detector for small animal X-ray imaging
Basolo S., Bonissent A., Chantepie B., Clemens J.-C., Debarbieux F. et al
OCS'08 Conference on Optical Complex Systems, France (2008) [in2p3-00266797 - version 1]
fulltext access Mesures en ligne du champ magnétique du GANIL
Lemarié A.
. Ingénieur CNAM, Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers - M. Vu Thien (Dir.)