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Verres bioactifs dopés en strontium
Jallot E., Lao J., Nedelec J.-M., Sautier J.-M., Isaac J.
(16/01/2009) FR 2918658 - France [in2p3-00224711 - version 1]
fulltext access Fragmentation branching ratios of highly excited hydrocarbon molecules CnH and their cations CnH+ (n<5)
Tuna T., Chabot M., Pino T., Désesquelles P., Lepadellec A. et al
The Journal of Chemical Physics 128 (2008) 124312 [hal-00268350 - version 1]
Absolute partial cross-sections for the destruction channels of $H_2$ and $H_3^+$ in collisions with helium atoms at 50 and 60 keV/amu
Tabet J., Eden S., Gobet F., Farizon B., Farizon M. et al
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 272 (2008) 48-56 [in2p3-00274350 - version 1]
Effect of Inorganic Ligands and Hydrogen Peroxide on ThO2 Dissolution. Behaviour of Th0.87Pu0.13O2 during Leaching Test
Hubert S., Heisbourg G., Dacheux N., Moisy P.
Inorganic Chemistry 47 (2008) 2064-2073 [in2p3-00273729 - version 1]
Structural behavior of $\beta$-thorium phosphate diphosphate ($\beta$-TPD) irradiated with ion beams
Tamain C., Garrido F., Thomé L., Dacheux N., Ozgümüs A.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 373 (2008) 378-386 [in2p3-00273074 - version 1]
Study of radiogenic helium diffusion in the β-thorium phosphate diphosphate ceramic
Ozgümüs A., Gilabert E., Dacheux N., Tamain C., Lavielle B.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 373 (2008) 112-118 [in2p3-00273035 - version 1]
Two-dimensional/three-dimensional simulations for the optimization of an-electron-beam-generated-plasma-based-type ion source
Cheikh Mhamed M., Lau C., Essabaa S.
Dans Review of Scientific Instruments - 12th International Conference on Ion Sources (ICIS2007), Corée, République De (2007) [in2p3-00271252 - version 1]
Study of autoabsorption for total $\alpha$ and $\beta$ counting
Saettel M.A., Sellam A., Nourreddine A., Pape A.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods / Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research A - 23rd World Conference of the International Nuclear Target Development Society, Japon (2006) [in2p3-00268711 - version 1]
Temperature effects on the interaction mechanisms between U(VI) and Eu(III) and ZrP2O7: experiment and modelling
Finck N., Drot R., Lagarde G., Mercier-Bion F., Catalette H. et al
Radiochimica Acta 96 (2008) 11-21 [in2p3-00258842 - version 1]
TRLFS and EXAFS investigations of lanthanide and actinide complexation by triflate and perchlorate in an ionic liquid
Stumpf S., Billard I., Gaillard C., Panak P.J., Dardenne K.
Radiochimica Acta 96 (2008) 1-10 [in2p3-00258813 - version 1]