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CESAR: Cryogenic Electronics for Space Applications
Reveret V., De La Broise X., Fermon C., Pannetier-Lecoeur M., Pigot C. et al
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 176 (2014) 446-452 [in2p3-01057693 - version 1]
Counting rate measurements for lifetime experiments using the RDDS method with the new generation γ-ray array AGATA
Goasduff A., J. Valiente-Dobón J., Lunardi S., Haas F., Gadea A. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 758 (2014) 1-3 [in2p3-01057687 - version 1]
In situ growth and coalescence of He-filled bi-dimensional defects in Si by H supply
Vallet M., F. Barbot J., Oliviero E., E. Donnelly S., A Hinks J. et al
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (2014) 223515 [in2p3-01057683 - version 1]
Measurement of the electron structure function F2e at LEP energies
Abdallah J., Arnoud Y., Bérat C., Ledroit F., Bloch D. et al
Physics Letters B 737 (2014) 39-47 [in2p3-01057658 - version 1]
Experimental investigation of the 0(2)(+) band in Sm-154 as a beta-vibrational band
Smallcombe J., J. Davies P., J. Barton C., G. Jenkins D., L. Andersson L. et al
Physics Letters B 732 (2014) 161-166 [in2p3-01057375 - version 1]
Electromagnetic moments of odd-A Po-193-203,Po-211 isotopes
D. Seliverstov M., Ek Cocolios T., Dexters W., N. Andreyev A., Antalic S. et al
Physical Review C 89 (2014) 034323 [in2p3-01057370 - version 1]
fulltext access An improved nuclear mass formula with a unified prescription for the shell and pairing corrections
Zhang H., Dong J., Ma N., Royer G., Li J. et al
Nuclear Physics A 929 (2014) 38-53 [in2p3-01057289 - version 1]
Design of a neutrino source based on beta beams
Wildner E., Hansen C., Benedetto E., Jensen E., Stora T. et al
Physical Review ST Accelerators and Beams 17 (2014) 071002 [in2p3-01057020 - version 1]
Enhanced high harmonic generation driven by high-intensity laser in argon gas-filled hollow core waveguide
Cassou K., Daboussi S., Hort O., Guilbaud O., Descamps D. et al
Optics Letters 39 (2014) 3770-3773 [in2p3-01056358 - version 1]
β-Decay Half-Lives of 76,77Co, 79,80Ni, and 81Cu: Experimental Indication of a Doubly Magic 78Ni
Xu Z.Y., Nishimura S., Lorusso G., Browne F., Doornenbal P. et al
Physical Review Letters 113 (2014) 032505 [in2p3-01056201 - version 1]