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Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich Cd isotopes
Rosenbusch M., Atanasov D., Blaum K., Borgmann C., Kreim S. et al
Physical Review C 89 (2014) 014313 [in2p3-00985767 - version 1]
Coulomb excitation of Na-29,Na-30: Mapping the borders of the island of inversion
Seidlitz M., Reiter P., Altenkirch R., Bastin B., Bauer C. et al
Physical Review C 89 (2014) 024309 [in2p3-00985758 - version 1]
Preparation of molybdenum target by centrifugal method
Durnez A., Petitbon-Thevenet V., Fortuna F.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 299 (2014) 1149-1154 [in2p3-00985716 - version 1]
On the peculiar deformation mechanism of ion-induced texture rotation in thin films
Seita M., S. Sologubenko A., Fortuna F., J. Suess M., Spolenak R.
Acta Materialia 64 (2014) 297-306 [in2p3-00985705 - version 1]
Filiform corrosion of aluminium alloys after a phosphate treatment
Thomé T., Martinez S., Czechowski C., Thomé L., P. Debovea J. et al
Surface and Interface Analysis 46 (2014) 157-163 [in2p3-00985698 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Variation of Proton Flux Profiles with the Observer's Latitude in Simulated Gradual SEP Events
Rodríguez-Gasén R., Aran A., Sanahuja B., Jacobs C., Poedts S.
Solar Physics 289 (2014) 1745-1762 [in2p3-00984743 - version 1]
Shape Coexistence in the Neutron-Deficient Even-Even 182−188Hg Isotopes Studied via Coulomb Excitation
Bree N., Wrzosek-Lipska K., Petts A., Andreyev A., Bastin B. et al
Physical Review Letters 112 (2014) 162701 [in2p3-00984401 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server The Time Structure of Hadronic Showers in highly granular Calorimeters with Tungsten and Steel Absorbers
Adloff C., Blaising J.-J., Chefdeville M., Drancourt C., Gaglione R. et al
Journal of Instrumentation 9 (2014) P07022 [in2p3-00984214 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Excited states in the neutron-rich nucleus 25F
Vajta Z., Stanoiu M., Sohler D., Jansen G.R., Azaiez F. et al
Physical Review C 89 (2014) 054323 [in2p3-00983273 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Measurement of the resonant and CP components in $\overline(B)^0\rightarrow J/\psi \pi^+\pi^-$ decays
Aaij R., Amhis Y., Barsuk S., Borsato M., Callot O. et al
Physical Review D 90 (2014) 012003 [in2p3-00982630 - version 1]