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High precision measurements of some gamma transitions in $^(227)$Ac $^(228)$Th $^(231)$Pa $^(232)$U $^(233)$Pa $^(239)$Np $^(239)$Pu and $^(245)$Am
Boerner H.G., Barreau G., Davidson W.F., Jeuch P., Egidy T. V. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 166 (1979) 251-255 [in2p3-00019299 - version 1]
Isotopic dependence of the giant quadrupole resonance in the stable even-mass molybdenum nuclei
Moalem A., Gaillard Y., Bemolle A.M., Buenerd M., Chauvin J. et al
Physical Review C 20 (1979) 1593-1596 [in2p3-00008846 - version 1]
Inelastic scattering of 108.5 MeV $^3$He particles at very small momentum transfer to the giant monopole resonance of $^(90)$Zr and $^(208)$Pb
Buenerd M., Bonhomme C., Lebrun D., Martin P., Chauvin J. et al
Physics Letters B 84 (1979) 305-308 [in2p3-00008845 - version 1]
Giant-resonance studies via inelastic pion scattering
Arvieux J., Albanese J.P., Buenerd M., Lebrun D., Boschitz E. et al
Physical Review Letters 42 (1979) 753-756 [in2p3-00008844 - version 1]
Excitation function of giant resonances as doorway states in the $^(12)C(\vec(p),p')^(12)$C* reaction between 19 and 23 MeV
Gaillard Y.R., Martin P., Perrin G., Saintignon P. D., Buenerd M. et al
Nuclear Physics A 327 (1979) 349-372 [in2p3-00008843 - version 1]
New approach to transitions from bound to continuum three-nucleon states: the case of muon capture by a triton
Torre J., Goulard B.
Physical Review Letters 43 (1979) 1222-1225 [in2p3-00008832 - version 1]
A silica aerogel cerenkov counter with diffusing walls
Carlson P.J., Poulet M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 166 (1979) 425-429 [in2p3-00008823 - version 1]
Measurements of elastic proton-proton scattering at large momentum transfer at the cern intersecting storage rings
Nagy E., Orr R.S., Schmidt-Parzefall W., Winter K., Brandt A. et al
Nuclear Physics B 150 (1979) 221-267 [in2p3-00008761 - version 1]
Differential cross sections for radiative capture of pions on hydrogen in the delta (1232) region
Tran M.T., Guex L.H., Alder J.C., Joseph C., Vaucher B. et al
Nuclear Physics A 324 (1979) 301-334 [in2p3-00021362 - version 1]
A high resolution beam hodoscope counter for use in very intense beams
Aubert J.J., Bassompierre G., Coignet G., Crespo J.M., Declais Y. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 159 (1979) 47-51 [in2p3-00021358 - version 1]