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Isotope effects on inhibition and enhancement of positronium formation in H$_2$O and D$d_2$O
Facetti J., Abbe J.C., Duplatre G., Maddock A.G., Haessler A.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 15 (1980) 541-545 [in2p3-00006793 - version 1]
Further studies on polyhalide formation in polar solvents using the positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Duplatre G., Al-Shukri L.M., Maddock A.G.
Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry 60 (1980) 159-172 [in2p3-00006792 - version 1]
Some applications of positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy to complex formation and ion association studies
Duplatre G., Al-Shukri L.M., Haessler A.
Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry 55 (1980) 199-211 [in2p3-00006791 - version 1]
Alpha-particle induced scintillation in dense gaseous argon
Carvalho M.J., Klein G.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 178 (1980) 469-475 [in2p3-00017899 - version 1]
Argon ion induced X-ray analysis of silicon and chlorine in cadmium telluride
Cailleret J., Heitz C., Lagarde G., Scharager C., Siffert P. et al
Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry 55 (1980) 339-344 [in2p3-00017898 - version 1]
Isotopic exchange labelling of solid potassium perbromate with $^(82)$Br
Bulbulian S., Schleiffer J.J., Adloff J.P.
Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters 44 (1980) 385-389 [in2p3-00006788 - version 1]
Bending of high energy beams using axial and planar channeling
Bak J., Melchart G., Uggerhoj E., Forster J.S., Jensen P.R. et al
Physics Letters B 93 (1980) 505- [in2p3-00006787 - version 1]
Influence of channeling on scattering of 2-15 GeV/c protons $\pi ^+$ and $\pi ^-$ incident on Si and Ge crystals
Andersen S.K., Fich O., Nielsen H., Schioett H.E., Uggerhoej E. et al
Nuclear Physics B 167 (1980) 1-40 [in2p3-00006786 - version 1]
The scavenging of the precursors of the solvated electron from the positron lifetime spectroscopy and the Doppler broadening of annihilation lineshape technique
Abbe J.C., Duplatre G., Maddock A.G., Haessler A.
Chemical Physics 49 (1980) 165- [in2p3-00006785 - version 1]
Inhibition and enhancement of positronium formation: a contribution to the study of localisation processes in liquids
Abbe J.C., Duplatre G., Maddock A.G., Haessler A.
Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry 55 (1980) 25-33 [in2p3-00006784 - version 1]