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Energy distributions and absolute yields of the charged light particles emitted during the thermal neutron induced ternary fission of $^(235)$U
D'Hondt P., Declercq A., Deruytter A., Wagemans C., Barreau G.
Nuclear Physics A 346 (1980) 461-472 [in2p3-00019376 - version 1]
Observation of a $\Xi^*$(2370) produced in 8.25 GeV/c $K^-p$ interactions
Bossen G.J., Burns A., Dore U., Baubillier M., Amirzadeh J. et al
Physics Letters B 90 (1980) 324-326 [in2p3-00009106 - version 1]
Observation of the reaction $K^-p \rightarrow B^-Y^(*+)$ at 8.25 GeV/c
Bloodworth I.J., Carney J.N., Cowan C.A., Cox G.F., Kinson J.B. et al
Lettere al Nuovo Cimento Della Societa Italiana di Fisica 27 (1980) 555-561 [in2p3-00009105 - version 1]
Off-shell $K\bar K$ and $p\bar p$ interactions in $K^-p \rightarrow \lambda^+x$ at 8.25 GeV/c
Baubillier M., Bloodworth I.J., Carney J.N., Cowan C.A., Cox G.F. et al
Nuclear Physics B 163 (1980) 365-373 [in2p3-00009100 - version 1]
Semiempirical methods for estimating fragment spins from studies of $^4$He and $^1$H emission
Catchen G.L., Kaplan M., Alexander J.M., Rivet M.F.
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 940-951 [in2p3-00009056 - version 1]
Strong resonant behaviour of the $^(12)$C + $^(14)$C reaction
Freeman R.M., Haas F., Korschinek G.
Physics Letters B 90 (1980) 229-232 [in2p3-00009038 - version 1]
Triton reactions with some light and medium elements, application to activation analysis
Borderie B., Barrandon J.N.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 55 (1980) 329-338 [in2p3-00009032 - version 1]
Mise en evidence par thermochromatographie de la formation de tetrafluorure d'Einsteinium
Bouissieres G., Jouniaux B., Legoux Y., Merinis J., David F. et al
Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters 45 (1980) 121-128 [in2p3-00009031 - version 1]
The influence of the entrance channel mass asymmetry on the reaction mechanism
Agarwal S., Galin J., Gatty B., Guerreau D., Lefort M. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 296 (1980) 287-294 [in2p3-00009029 - version 1]
Present possibilities for bulk analysis in prompt gamma-ray spectrometry with charged projectiles
Borderie B.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 175 (1980) 465-482 [in2p3-00009007 - version 1]