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Test of supersymmetry in the $^(193)$Ir $\to$ $^(194)$Pt proton-stripping reactions
Vergnes M., Rotbard G., Kalifa J., Berrier-Ronsin G., Vernotte J. et al
Physical Review Letters 46 (1981) 584-586 [in2p3-00017115 - version 1]
Structure of $^(194)$Pt via transfer reactions
Berrier-Ronsin G., Vergnes M., Rotbard G., Kalifa J., Vernotte J. et al
Physical Review C 23 (1981) 2425-2434 [in2p3-00017106 - version 1]
The $^(197)$Au(d,$^3$He)$^(196)$Pt reaction and the supersymmetry scheme
Vergnes M., Berrier-Ronsin G., Rotbard G., Vernotte J., Langevin-Joliot H. et al
Physics Letters B 107 (1981) 349-352 [in2p3-00017071 - version 1]
Inner-hole excitations in $^(89)$Zr and $^(91)$Mo via the ($^3$He, $\alpha$) reaction at 97 MeV
Duhamel G., Perrin G., Didelez J.P., Gerlic E., Langevin-Joliot H. et al
Journal of Physics G 7 (1981) 1415-1427 [in2p3-00017053 - version 1]
Two-step processes in the $^(40)$Ca($\alpha ^3$He)$^(41)$Ca reaction
Fortier S., Maison J.M., Picot P., Gales S., Hourani E. et al
Nuclear Physics A 370 (1981) 189-204 [in2p3-00017030 - version 1]
Spin of deep hole states from (pd) reactions
Crawley G.M., Kasagi J., Gales S., Gerlic E., Friesel D. et al
Physical Review C 23 (1981) 1818-1821 [in2p3-00017024 - version 1]
One pion production in the dp coherent interaction at medium energy
Baldani Celio R., Basini G., Fabbri F.L., Picozza P., Satta L. et al
Nuclear Physics A 379 (1981) 477-485 [in2p3-00017002 - version 1]
Microscopic analysis of baryonic exchange mechanisms in the dd $\to$ n$^(3)$He reaction at intermediate energy
Laget J.M., Lecolley J.F., Lefèbvres F.
Nuclear Physics A 370 (1981) 479-495 [in2p3-00017001 - version 1]
Fast-particle emission in the deep-inelastic reaction Cu+$^(20)$Ne at 12.6 MeV per nucleon
Schmitt R.P., Wozniak G.J., Rattazzi G.U., Mathews G.J., Régimbart R. et al
Nuclear Physics A 46 (1981) 522-525 [in2p3-00017000 - version 1]
Joint analyses of medium energy p$^3$H $\to$ p$^3$H, p$^3$He $\to$ p$^3$He and p$^3$H $\to$ n$^3$He reactions using a spin-dependent Glauber model
Bizard G., Osmont A.
Nuclear Physics A 364 (1981) 333-345 [in2p3-00016999 - version 1]