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Impact-parameter dependence of K- and L-X rays produced in Ar-Al and Ar-Sn collisions
Fintz P., Guillaume G., Jundt F., Jones K.W., Johnson B.M.
Physics Letters A 71 (1979) 423-426 [in2p3-00017924 - version 1]
Evidence for statistical equilibrium of the fragment isobaric distributions in strongly damped collisions of $^(86)$Kr with $^(166)$Er
Eyal Y., Rudolf G., Rode I., Stelzer H.
Physical Review Letters 42 (1979) 826-829 [in2p3-00017923 - version 1]
Spectroscopie des hypernoyaux $^(32)_(\Lambda)$S et $^(40)_(\Lambda)$Ca
Bertini R., Bing O., Bruckner W., Catz H., Chaumeaux A. et al
Physical Review B 83 (1979) 306- [in2p3-00017922 - version 1]
Second irregularity in the yrast line of $^(160)$Yb
Beck F.A., Bozek E., Byrski T., Gehringer C., Merdinger J.C. et al
Physical Review Letters 42 (1979) 493-496 [in2p3-00006815 - version 1]
Doubly coherent production of $\pi^-$ by 3He ions of 910 MeV
Aslanides E., Fassnacht P., Hibou F., Chiavassa E., Dellacasa G. et al
Physical Review Letters 43 (1979) 1466-1470 [in2p3-00017920 - version 1]
Alpha-particle strengths from the $^(16)$O($^6$Li, d)$^(20)$Ne reaction
Anantaraman N., Gove H.E., Lindgren R.A., Toke J., Trentelman J.P. et al
Nuclear Physics A 313 (1979) 445-466 [in2p3-00017919 - version 1]
Dispersive effects in the excitation of the ground-state rotational band of deformed nuclei by medium energy protons
Abgrall Y., Labarsouque J., Morand B., Caurier E.
Nuclear Physics A 316 (1979) 389-412 [in2p3-00006806 - version 1]
On the chemical effects of the nuclear isomeric transition $^(81m)$Se$\rightarrow ^(81)$Se in potassium selenate
Lopez B., Bulbulian S., Adloff J.P.
Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters 38 (1979) 143-146 [in2p3-00006797 - version 1]
Volume interaction between substitutional sp and 3d solutes in ferromagnetic iron-based aloys
Cadeville M.C., Biolluz A., Maurer M., Sanchez J.P.
Journal of Applied Physics 50 (1979) 1904- [in2p3-00017897 - version 1]
An approach to the study of heavy quarks in e$^+$ e$^-$ collisions
Anastaze G., Savoy C.A.
Zeitschrift für Physik C 3 (1979) 133-145 [in2p3-00006772 - version 1]