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Influence of channeling on scattering of 2-15 GeV/c protons $\pi ^+$ and $\pi ^-$ incident on Si and Ge crystals
Andersen S.K., Fich O., Nielsen H., Schioett H.E., Uggerhoej E. et al
Nuclear Physics B 167 (1980) 1-40 [in2p3-00006786 - version 1]
The scavenging of the precursors of the solvated electron from the positron lifetime spectroscopy and the Doppler broadening of annihilation lineshape technique
Abbe J.C., Duplatre G., Maddock A.G., Haessler A.
Chemical Physics 49 (1980) 165- [in2p3-00006785 - version 1]
Inhibition and enhancement of positronium formation: a contribution to the study of localisation processes in liquids
Abbe J.C., Duplatre G., Maddock A.G., Haessler A.
Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry 55 (1980) 25-33 [in2p3-00006784 - version 1]
Role of the solvation properties of solvents on the inhibition of positronium formation
Abbe J.C., Duplatre G., Maddock A.G., Haessler A.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 5 (1980) 617-622 [in2p3-00006783 - version 1]
Experimental results on one-pion neutral current reaction in all channels induced by antineutrinos at CERN PS
Erriques O., Fogli-Muciaccia M.T., Natali S., Nuzzo S., Halsteinslid A. et al
Nuclear Physics B 176 (1980) 37-50 [in2p3-00017895 - version 1]
Charged baryon and antibaryon production in the fragmentation region by 240 GeV protons
Bourquin M., Brown R.M., Chatelus Y., Chollet J.C., Degre A. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 5 (1980) 275-282 [in2p3-00017894 - version 1]
Drift velocities in argon-ethane and xenon-ethane gas mixtures
Chatelus Y., Ramanantzizehena P., Gresser J., Schultz G.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 178 (1980) 127- [in2p3-00017893 - version 1]
Extended objects in quantum field theory
Matsumoto H., Semenoff G., Umezawa H., Umezawa M.
Journal of Mathematical Physics 21 (1980) 1761- [in2p3-00006757 - version 1]
Bottom excitation contribution to dilepton production in $\nu, \overline(\nu)$ reactions
Garcia Canal C.A., Gay Ducati M.B., Martins Simoes J.A.
Il Nuovo Cimento 27 (1980) 189- [in2p3-00006756 - version 1]
Striking sensitivity of the angular distribution of $^(12)$C + $^(184)$W(4$^+$) to the nuclear hexadecapole parameter
Vaagen J.S., Hillis D.L., Bond P.D., Thorn C.E., LeVine M.J. et al
Physics Letters B 91 (1980) 361-364 [in2p3-00017890 - version 1]