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Mise en evidence par thermochromatographie de la formation de tetrafluorure d'Einsteinium
Bouissieres G., Jouniaux B., Legoux Y., Merinis J., David F. et al
Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters 45 (1980) 121-128 [in2p3-00009031 - version 1]
The influence of the entrance channel mass asymmetry on the reaction mechanism
Agarwal S., Galin J., Gatty B., Guerreau D., Lefort M. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 296 (1980) 287-294 [in2p3-00009029 - version 1]
Present possibilities for bulk analysis in prompt gamma-ray spectrometry with charged projectiles
Borderie B.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 175 (1980) 465-482 [in2p3-00009007 - version 1]
Seven new neutron rich nuclides observed in deep inelastic collisions of 340 MeV $^(40)$Ar on $^(238)$U
Guerreau D., Galin J., Gatty B., Tarrago X., Girard J. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 295 (1980) 105-106 [in2p3-00009006 - version 1]
Light particle emission in deeply inelastic collisions of 280 MeV $^(40)$Ar + $^(58)$Ni: thermal equilibrium and angular momentum transfer
Babinet R., Cauvin B., Girard J., Alexander J.M., Chiang T.H. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 295 (1980) 177-191 [in2p3-00008994 - version 1]
Life time of the intermediate complex in a deep inelastic collision depends on the mass asymmetry of the entrance channel
Agarwal S.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 297 (1980) 41-53 [in2p3-00008993 - version 1]
Evidence for the existence of a new oxidation state of Einsteinium: Einsteinium IV
Bouissieres G., Jouniaux B., Legoux Y., Merinis J.
Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie C 290 (1980) 381-382 [in2p3-00008990 - version 1]
Emission of few nucleons including only one neutron in the $^(63)$Cu + $^(93)$Nb reaction
Cabot C., Della Negra S., Gauvin H., Delagrange H., Dufour J.P. et al
Physics Letters B 96 (1980) 55-58 [in2p3-00008989 - version 1]
Accurate determination of Lithium, Boron, Fluorine and Sodium in some matrices using low energy $\alpha$-particles induced $\gamma$-rays
Borderie B., Basutcu M., Barrandon J.N., Pinault J.L.
Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry 56 (1980) 185-198 [in2p3-00008984 - version 1]
Observation of the radiative transition $\psi \rightarrow \gamma e$(1420)
Scharre D.L., Thrilling G.H., Abrams G.S., Alam M.S., Blocker C.A. et al
Physics Letters B 97 (1980) 329-332 [in2p3-00008963 - version 1]