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Determination of the absolute momentum of a high-energy hadron beam using elastic scattering of hadrons from a helium target
Burq J.-P., Chemarin M., Chevallier M., Fay J., Ille B. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 177 (1980) 353-359 [in2p3-00007768 - version 1]
Critical opalescence of the pion field and the M1 form factor of 12c: an investigation of the role of the $\rho$ meson
Delorme J., Figureau A., Giraud N.
Physics Letters B 91 (1980) 328-331 [in2p3-00004362 - version 1]
Critical opalescence of the nuclear pion field: a possible evidence in the m1 (15.11 mev) form factor of 12c
Delorme J., Figureau A., Giraud N., Ericson M.
Physics Letters B 89 (1980) 327-332 [in2p3-00004357 - version 1]
Relativistic description of $\pi$ D elastic scattering in the (33) resonance region
Giraud N., Fayard C., Lamot G.-H.
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 1959-1966 [in2p3-00004214 - version 1]
Effect of pion absorption on $\pi$ D elastic scattering from threshold to the resonance region
Fayard C., Lamot G.-H., Mizutani T.
Physical Review Letters 45 (1980) 524-527 [in2p3-00004213 - version 1]
Correlation between backward $\pi$ d elastic scattering and deuteron form factor
Lamot G.-H., Giraud N., Fayard C.
Il Nuovo Cimento A 57 (1980) 445-458 [in2p3-00004212 - version 1]
$^(22)$Ne and $^(26)$Al nucleosynthesis in novae and supernovae outbursts
Vangioni-Flam E., Audouze J., Chieze J.P.
Astronomy and Astrophysics 82 (1980) 234-237 [in2p3-00004171 - version 1]
Collective excitation of $^(103)Ag following the ($^(12)$C, p2n$\gamma$) reaction
Treherne J., Genevey J., Béraud R., Charvet A., Duffait R. et al
Nuclear Physics A 342 (1980) 357-372 [in2p3-00004081 - version 1]
Local equilibration and diffusive phenomena in $^(40)$Ar + $^(27)$Al and $^(14)$N + $^(27)$Al heavy ion reactions
Billerey R., Cerruti C., Chevarier A., Chevarier N., Cheynis B. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 297 (1980) 317-321 [in2p3-00013351 - version 1]
Structure and decay modes of ordinary mesons
Elbaz E., Meyer J.
Lettere al Nuovo Cimento Della Societa Italiana di Fisica 29 (1980) 51-59 [in2p3-00004058 - version 1]