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Contribution a l'etude theorique de la diffusion elastique p-$^3$He and p-$^3$H : - comparaison de resultats experimentaux a 600 MeV avec quelques resultats numeriques
Meritet L., Proriol J.
Nuclear Physics A 324 (1979) 420-444 [in2p3-00021059 - version 1]
Differential cross sections for radiative capture of energetic protons by $^(110)$Cd and $^(115)$In
Rigaud F., Petit G.Y., Dalmas J., Irigaray J.L., Suffert M. et al
Nuclear Physics A 326 (1979) 26-36 [in2p3-00021054 - version 1]
Measurement of lepton pair production in $\gamma \gamma$ processes from $e^+e^+$ collisions at DCI
Courau A., Cordier A., Delcourt B., Eschstruth P., Fayard L. et al
Physics Letters B 84 (1979) 145-149 [in2p3-00021034 - version 1]
Experimental study of the light isotope production in alpha+alpha interactions
Alard J.-P., Avomenze M.M., Costilhes J.P., Fargeix J., Roche G.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 160 (1979) 419-426 [in2p3-00005528 - version 1]
Use of a Ge(Li) gamma detector near a 400 MeV intense proton beam in a p-$\gamma$ coincidence experiment
Le Brun C., Louvel M., Yonnet J., Arnold J., Baldit A. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 165 (1979) 409-416 [in2p3-00005526 - version 1]
On the A comparison between Lanczos and Householder methods
Sau J., Heyde K.
Journal of Physics G 5 (1979) 1643-1647 [in2p3-00016256 - version 1]
Extended-skyrme-force calculation: theoretical description and application to Ca and Sn isotopes
Waroquier M., Sau J., Heyde K., Van Isacker P., Vincx H.
Physical Review C 19 (1979) 1983-2001 [in2p3-00013484 - version 1]
Nuclear wave functions and mesonic exchange currents in the weak transition $^(16)$O(0$^+) \leftrightarrow ^(16)$N(0$^-$)
Guichon P.A.M., Samour C.
Physics Letters B 82 (1979) 28-30 [in2p3-00005521 - version 1]
Systematic measurement of electron drift velocity and study of some properties of four gas mixtures: A-CH$_4$, A-C$_2$H$_4$, A-C$_2$H$_6$, A-C$_3$H$_8$
Jean-Marie B., Lepeltier V., L'Hote D.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 159 (1979) 213-219 [in2p3-00004985 - version 1]
Use of Coulomb excitation by heavy ions $^(35)$Cl 55 MeV) for analytical purposes: possibilities and quantitative analysis
Borderie B., Barrandon J.N., Delaunay B., Basutcu M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 163 (1979) 441-451 [in2p3-00013451 - version 1]