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A very fast time pick-off for low intensity pulsed particle beams
Chevallier A., Chevallier J., Coffin J.P., Engelstein P., Haas B. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 171 (1980) 193-194 [in2p3-00006703 - version 1]
On the fragmentation of the giant isoscalar resonances in deformed nuclei
Abgrall Y., Morand B., Caurier E., Grammaticos B.
Nuclear Physics A 346 (1980) 431-448 [in2p3-00006702 - version 1]
Anomalous electronic behavior of dysprosium in the compound DyI$_2$
Friedt J.M., Maccordick H.J., Sanchez J.P.
Solid State Communications 35 (1980) 1021-1024 [in2p3-00006692 - version 1]
Electronic structural and magnetic properties of $^(57)$Fe atoms created by $^(57)$Co electron capture decay in CoF$_2$ and in CoCl$_2$ and FeCl$_2$-bispyridine complexes
Friedt J.M., Jesus Filho M. D., Sanchez J.P.
Physica Status Solidi B 102 (1980) 373-382 [in2p3-00006685 - version 1]
$^(57)$Fe absorption and emission Moessbauer spectroscopy in hydrated and anhydrous iron(ii) and cobalt(ii) acetylacetonates
Jesus Filho M. D., Sanchez J.P., Friedt J.M.
Physica Status Solidi B 102 (1980) 545-556 [in2p3-00006684 - version 1]
Lifetimes of certain states of the $^(14)$N nucleus
Antony M.S., Kiss A., Koltay E., Nyako B., Sabo D.
Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Ussr - Physical Series 44 (1980) 114-117 [in2p3-00006643 - version 1]
Search for nuclear structure dependence of analyzing powers for the (tp) reaction in medium mass nuclei
Brown R.E., Cizewski J.A., Sunier J.W., Flynn E.R., Alford P. et al
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 2663-2665 [in2p3-00021107 - version 1]
Octupole modes of oscillation via analyzing power measurements
Ardouin D., Brown R.E., Cizewski J.A., Flynn E.R., Sunier J.W. et al
Physical Review C 22 (1980) 432-435 [in2p3-00021106 - version 1]
Analyzing power measurements for two-nucleon transfer reactions in a shape transitional nucleus
Flynn E.R., Brown R.E., Cizewski J.A., Sunier J.W., Alford W.P. et al
Physical Review C 22 (1980) 43-50 [in2p3-00021103 - version 1]
Alpha-particle transfer to 0+ states in the germanium nuclei and the role of proton pairing correlations
Ardouin D., Hanson D.L., Stein N.
Physical Review C 22 (1980) 2253-2257 [in2p3-00021102 - version 1]