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Direct electron acceleration with tightly focused TM0,1 beams: boundary conditions and non-paraxial corrections
Martens A., Dupraz K., Cassou K., Delerue N., Variola A. et al
Optics Letters 39 (2014) 981-984 [in2p3-00966711 - version 1]
Near-self-imaging cavity for three-mode optoacoustic parametric amplifiers using silicon microresonators
Liu J., Torres F.A., Ma Y., Zhao C., Ju L. et al
Applied Optics 53 (2014) 841-849 [hal-00966071 - version 1]
fulltext access An aboveground pulse-tube - based bolometric test facility for the validation of the LUMINEU ZnMoO4 crystals
Mancuso M., Chernyak D.M., Danevich F.A., Dumoulin L., Giachero A. et al
J. of Low Temp. Phys. (2014) Online first [hal-00964708 - version 1]
β decay of 61,63V and low-energy level schemes of 61,63Cr
Suchyta S., Liddick S.N., Chiara C.J., Walters W.B., Carpenter M.P. et al
Physical Review C 89 (2014) 034317 [in2p3-00964160 - version 1]
Effect of pairing on the symmetry energy and the incompressibility
Margueron J., Khan E., Colò G., Hagino K., Sagawa H.
European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei 50 (2014) 18 [in2p3-00962370 - version 1]
Experimental connections between aqueous-aqueous and aqueous-ionic liquid biphasic systems
Mazan V., Billard I., Papaiconomou N.
RSC Advances 4 (2014) 13371-13384 [in2p3-00961408 - version 1]
Calculating the effective delayed neutron fraction in the Molten Salt Fast Reactor: analytical, deterministic and Monte Carlo approaches
Aufiero M., Brovchenko M., Cammi A., Clifford I., Geoffroy O. et al
Annals of Nuclear Energy 65 (2014) 78-90 [in2p3-00958621 - version 1]
Study of internal structures of 9,10Be and 10B in scattering of 4He from 9Be
Lukyanov S.M., Denikin A.S., Voskoboynik E.I., Khlebnikov S., Harakeh M.N. et al
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 41 (2014) 035102 (14pp) [in2p3-00958479 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Type Ia supernova bolometric light curves and ejected mass estimates from the Nearby Supernova Factory
Scalzo R., Aldering G., Antilogus P., Aragon C., Bailey S. et al
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2014) [in2p3-00958452 - version 1]
Reassessing the importance of the colour-singlet contributions to direct J/ψ+WJ/ψ+W production at the LHC and the Tevatron
Lansberg J.P., Lorcé C.
Physics Letters B 726 (2014) 218-222 [in2p3-00957860 - version 1]