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fulltext accessible on an other server Spin and parity measurement of the Lambda(1405) baryon
Moriya K., Schumacher R.A., Aghasyan M., Amaryan M.J., Anderson M.D. et al
Physical Review Letters 112 (2014) 082004 [in2p3-00945802 - version 1]
Retention of iodide by the Callovo-Oxfordian formation: An experimental study
Montavon G., Sabatié-Gogova A., Ribet S., Bailly C., Bessaguet N. et al
Applied Clay Science 87 (2014) 142-149 [in2p3-00944913 - version 1]
Measurement of analyzing power for the reaction TeX at polarized proton momentum of 7.5 GeV/c (ALPOM2 proposal)
P. Balandin V., E. Baskakov A., N. Basilev S., Brash E., P. Bushuev Y. et al
Physics of Particles and Nuclei 45 (2014) 330-332 [in2p3-00944273 - version 1]
4He behavior in calcite filling viewed by (U-Th)/He dating, 4He diffusion and crystallographic studies
Cros A., Gautheron C., Pagel M., Berthet P., Tassan-Got L. et al
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 125 (2014) 414-432 [in2p3-00944151 - version 1]
An experiment of muon radiography at Mt Etna (Italy)
Carbone D., Gibert D., Marteau J., Diament M., Zuccarello L. et al
Geophysical Journal International 196, 2 (2014) 633-643 [insu-00944143 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Double parton interactions in photon + 3 jet and photon + b/c jet + 2 jet events in ppbar collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV
Abazov V.M., Sajot G., Stark J., Greder S., Miconi F. et al
Physical Review D 89 (2014) 072006 [in2p3-00943998 - version 1]
Two-neutron transfer reaction mechanisms in 12C(6He,4He)14C using a realistic three-body 6He model
Smalley D., Sarazin F., Nunes F.M., Brown B.A., Adsley P. et al
Physical Review C 89 (2014) 024602 [in2p3-00943130 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Isospin properties of electric dipole excitations in 48Ca
Derya V., Savran D., Endres J., Harakeh M.N., Hergert H. et al
Physics Letters B 730 (2014) 288-292 [in2p3-00941569 - version 1]
Two-dimensional electron gas with six-fold symmetry at the (111) surface of KTaO3
Bareille C., Fortuna F., C. Rodel T., Bertran F., Gabay M. et al
Scientific Reports 4 (2014) 3586 [in2p3-00939913 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Measurement of the electroweak production of dijets in association with a Z-boson and distributions sensitive to vector boson fusion in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV using the ATLAS detector
Aad G., Albrand S., Brown J., Buat Q., Clement B. et al
Journal of High Energy Physics 04 (2014) 031 [in2p3-00939046 - version 1]