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Recent trends in the mesonic description of nuclei
Delorme J.
in Nuclear Physics A - Europhysics Conference on Nuclear Physics With Electromagnetic Probes 11, France [in2p3-00004364 - version 1]
Theoretical interpretation of the EMC effect
Ericson M.
Dans The quark structure of matter - Topical European Meeting On Quark Structure Of Matter 1, France [in2p3-00004348 - version 1]
Photonuclear reactions and dispersion relations
Ericson M., Rosa-Clot M.
Dans Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics - International School For Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics 5, Italie [in2p3-00004347 - version 1]
Pionic effects in nuclei
Ericson M.
Dans Perpsectives in Nuclear Physics at Intermediate Energies - Workshop On Perspectives In Nuclear Physics At Intermediate Energies 2, Italie [in2p3-00004346 - version 1]
Light particle correlations in Ar+Au reaction at 60 MeV/a
Ardouin D., Delagrange H., Doubre H., Gregoire C., Kyanowski A. et al
Dans Nuclear Physics A - International Conference on Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions 2, Suède (1985) [in2p3-00009706 - version 1]
Thermonuclear destruction of lithium beryllium and boron inside a 1 solar mass star
Delbourgo-Salvador P., Audouze J., Malinie G.
Dans Isotopic Ratios in the Solar System - Colloquium on Isotopic Ratios in the Solar System, France [in2p3-00004179 - version 1]
Spallogenic origin of nuclei in meteorites
Zanda B., Audouze J.
Dans International Cosmic Ray Conference - International Cosmic Ray Conference 19, France [in2p3-00004178 - version 1]
A search for hypernuclei formation in $\bar p$ annihilation on heavy nuclei
Berrada M., Bocquet J.P., Epherre M.
Dans Physics with antiprotons at Lear in the ACOL era - Lear Workshop 3, France [in2p3-00007756 - version 1]
Desorption mass spectrometry using cluster ions
Filpus-Luyckx P.E., Thomas J.-P., Fallavier M., Schweikert E.A.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry 8, États-Unis [in2p3-00004071 - version 1]
Hydration thermodynamics of plutonium and transplutonium ions
David F., Fourest B., Duplessis J.
In Journal of Nuclear Materials - Symposium On Thermodynamics Of Nuclear Materials 39 Iupac Conference On Chemical Thermodynamics,Calorimetry, Canada [in2p3-00004070 - version 1]