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On the Application of Model Reduction Techniques to Real Time Simulation of Non-Linear Tissues
Niroomandi S., Alfaro I., Cueto E., Chinesta F.
International Symposium on Computational Models for Biomedical Simulation - ISBM08, United Kingdom (2008) [hal-01008584 - version 1]
Numerical Simulation of Cell Signalling Processes by Separation of Variables
Ammar A., Cueto E., Ochoa I., Chinesta F.
Workshop on Meshless and Model Reduction Techniques, France (2008) [hal-01008559 - version 1]
Modeling Elastic Behavior in Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Suspensions
Ma A., Cruz C., Giner A., Mackley M.R., Regnier G. et al
11th ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, France (2008) [hal-01008452 - version 1]
Investigation of the effect of the quality of inspection techniques on the optimal inspection interval for structures
Sheils E., O'Connor A.J., SCHOEFS F., Breysse D.
Proceeding of 1st International Conference on Applications Heritage and Constructions in Coastal and Marine Environment, Portugal (2008) [hal-01008367 - version 1]
Formulation de bétons à faible impact environnemental - Résultats préliminaires du projet ANR ECOBETON
Khokhar M., Rozière E., Grondin F., Turcry P., Loukili A. et al
GEODIM'08 - Variations Dimensionnelles des Géomatériaux, France (2008) [hal-01008232 - version 1]
Efficient Solvers Making Use of Separated Representations for Local and Global Models Involving Uncertainly : Applicat. in Financial Mathematics, Simul. of a Cardiac Cycle and Thermomechanical Models
Chinesta F., Prulière E., Carotti P., Cueto E., Ammar A.
Workshop on Meshless and Model Reduction Techniques, France (2008) [hal-01008126 - version 1]
Different Attempts for Explaining Elasticity in Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Suspensions
Chinesta F., Poitou A., Regnier G., Cruz C., Mackley M.R. et al
Worshop CNT@Cambridge, United Kingdom (2008) [hal-01008071 - version 1]
Comportement mécanique et déformations libres de mortiers à forts dosages en addition minérales
Khokhar M., Grondin F., Turcry P., Loukili A., Mounanga P.
GEODIM08, France (2008) [hal-01008003 - version 1]
Application of a Technique of Separation of Variables to the Numerical Simulation of Electrophysiology
Debeugny L., Gonzalez D., Cueto E., Chinesta F.
Workshop on Meshless and Model Reduction Techniques, France (2008) [hal-01007895 - version 1]
An Updated Lagrangian Approach for Fluide-Structure Problems Based on Natural Elements and the Method of Characteristics
Galavis A., Gonzalez D., Cueto E., Chinesta F.
8th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM-VIII), Italy (2008) [hal-01007867 - version 1]