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Quantum cosmology with the use of (F.R.W) equations
Elbaz E.
Dans Inquiring the universe Essays to celebrate Professor Mario Novello jubilee (2003) 279-287 [in2p3-00014232 - version 1]
Gamma-ray spectroscopy of very neutron-deficient Bi isotopes
Nieminen P., Juutinen S., Cocks J.F., Dorvaux O., Enqvist T. et al
Dans Conference on Frontiers of Nuclear Structure (2003) 63-70 [in2p3-00013936 - version 1]
High-spin study of octupole-deformed $^(222)$Th and reduction of the background from prompt fission
Smith J.G., Hammond N.J., Bednarczyk P., Cullen D.M., Curien D. et al
Dans Conference on Frontiers of Nuclear Structure (2003) 394-400 [in2p3-00013934 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Borromean binding
Richard J.-M.
Dans Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics - Collection of papers dedicated to Vladimir B. Belyaev on the occasion of his 70th birthday (2003) 159-166 [in2p3-00012816 - version 1]
Fundamental aspects of single atom chemistry
Trubert D., Le Naour C.
In The chemistry of superheavy elements (2003) 95-116 [in2p3-00012812 - version 1]
fulltext access XtremWeb : une plate-forme de recherche sur le calcul global et pair à pair
Cappello F., Djilali S., Fedak G., Germain C., Lodygensky O. et al
Dans Calcul réparti à grande échelle: Métacomputing (2002) [in2p3-00457510 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Bunch coherence in parametric X-ray radiation
Artru X., Ispirian K. A.
Dans Electron-Photon Interaction in Dense Media (2002) 85-90 [hal-00010136 - version 1]
Les ondes gravitationnelles
Froissart M.
Dans Annuaire du College de France 2001-2002 Resume des cours et travaux (2002) 173-192 [in2p3-00012565 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Galactic cosmic ray nuclei as a tool for astroparticle physics
Maurin D., Taillet R., Donato F., Salati P., Barrau A. et al
Dans Recent Research Developments in Astrophysics (2002) 53- [in2p3-00012386 - version 1]
Laser-ultrasonic inspection of steel slabs using SAFT processing
Campagne B., Levesque D., Blouin A., Gauthier B., Dufour M. et al
Dans AIP Conference Proceedings (2002) 340-347 [in2p3-00011961 - version 1]