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Energy dissipation in nucleus-nucleus collisions around 40mev per nucleon: new phenomena or transition trends ?
Lefort M., Borderie B., Jacquet D.
Dans Heavy-Ion Collisions (1986) 33-67 [in2p3-00006081 - version 1]
Spins and moments of nuclear parent states
Berkes I.
Dans Low Temperature Nuclear Orientation (1986) 199-246 [in2p3-00013416 - version 1]
Thermochromatography of the actinides and their compounds
Fremont-Lamouranne R., Legoux Y., Merini J., Zhuikov B.L., Eichler B.
In Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of the Actinides - Vol. 3 (1985) 331-346 [in2p3-00006987 - version 1]
The S-matrix theory of nuclear forces
Vinh Mau R.
Dans A passion for Physics Essays in honor of Geoffrey Chew including and interview with Chew (1985) 49-63 [in2p3-00006525 - version 1]
From Baryonium to hexons
Nicolescu B., Poenaru V.
Dans A passion for physics Essays in honor Geoffrey Chew including an interview with Chew (1985) 195-221 [in2p3-00006524 - version 1]
Hydration of ion implanted silica: Evidence for hydrogen trapping on defects
Della Mea G., Dran J.C., Chaumont J., Petit J.C., Bezzon G. et al
Dans Induced defects in insulators (1984) 135-140 [in2p3-00001711 - version 1]
The advanced positive heavy ion sources
Arianer J., Geller R.
Dans Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science (1981) 19-51 [in2p3-00019229 - version 1]
The $^(49)$K $\beta$ decay
Hansen P.G., Huck A., Jonson B., Klotz G., Knipper A. et al
Dans 4th International Conference on Nuclei far from Stability (Volume 2) (1981) 387-390 [in2p3-00018641 - version 1]
Study of light nuclei with neutrons excess in s-d or f-p shells: decay of $^(41-43)$Cl, $^(45,47,48,50,51,52$K, $^(51,52)$Ca and $^(52)$Sc
Huck A., Klotz G., Knipper A., Miehe C., Richard-Serre C. et al
Dans 4th International Conference on Nuclei Far from Stability (volume 2) (1981) 378-386 [in2p3-00018640 - version 1]
Solid state track detectors and their use in neutron dosimetry
Debeauvais M., Tripier J., Amoudry F.
Dans Dosimetry Methods for Fuels, Cladding and Structural Materials. Proceedings of the Third ASTM-Euratom Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry (EUR 6813 EN-FR) (1980) 1129-1144 [in2p3-00009557 - version 1]