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fulltext access Zoom sur la violation de CP à l'occasion des résultats obtenus par les expériences BABAR et BELLE
Arnaud N., Höcker A.
[in2p3-00024020 - version 1] (12/04/2005)
fulltext access Negative energies and time reversal in Quantum Field Theory
Henry-Couannier F.
[hal-00001476 - version 6] (2005-03-31)
fulltext accessible on an other server A shell model description of the decay out of the super-deformed band of $^(36)$Ar
Caurier E., Nowacki F., Poves A.
[in2p3-00023853 - version 1] (08/03/2005)
fulltext access Simulation of online selection for $B^0_d \rightarrow K^(*0) \gamma$ and $B^0_s \rightarrow \phi \gamma$ decays at ATLAS experiment
Viret S., Ohlsson-Malek F., Smizanska M.
[in2p3-00023831 - version 2] (01/03/2005)
fulltext access De la CAO aux calculs par éléments finis
Gassot H.
[in2p3-00023648 - version 1] (09/02/2005)
fulltext accessible on an other server HFODD (v2.08k) : User's Guide
Dobaczewski J., Dudek J., Olbratowski P.
[in2p3-00023715 - version 1] (04/02/2005)
fulltext accessible on an other server Cosmic-rays: an unsolved mystery at all energies!
Parizot E.
[in2p3-00023598 - version 1] (17/01/2005)
fulltext access Observation of the lowest energy $\gamma$-ray in any superdeformed nucleus : $^(196)$Bi
Prevost A., Rossé B., Meyer M., Redon N., Schmitt C. et al
[hal-00003090 - version 1] (18/10/2004)
fulltext access Cluster excitation and ionization in high velocity collisions:the atomic approach
Mezdari F., Wohrer-Béroff K., Chabot M.
[hal-00002994 - version 1] (01/10/2004)
fulltext access Seniority scenario for the 68-72Zn and 66-68Ni B(E2)^ difference
Deloncle I., Roussiere B.
[hal-00001558 - version 2] (25/10/2004)