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IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 52 (2005) 102-106
GePEToS : A Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation package for Positron Emission Tomography
S. Jan1, J. Collot1, M.L. Gallin-Martel1, P. Martin1, F. Mayet1, E. Tournefier1

GePEToS is a simulation framework developed over the last few years for assessing the instrumental performance of future PET scanners. It is based on Geant4, written in Object-Oriented C++ and runs on Linux platforms. The validity of GePEToS has been tested on the well-known Siemens ECAT EXACT HR+ camera. The results of two application examples are presented : the design optimization of a liquid Xe micro-PET camera dedicated to small animal imaging as well as the evaluation of the effect of a strong axial magnetic field on the image resolution of a Concorde P4 micro-PET camera.
1 :  LPSC - Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie
Physique/Physique/Physique Médicale
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