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Journal of Physics: Conference Series 150, 02 (2009) 022035
Fluxon dynamics in boundary driven Josephson transmission line
R. Khomeriki1, Jerome Leon2

Analysis of the different stationary states of a boundary driven Frenkel-Kontorova Model and the associated sine-Gordon equation shows the existence a new regime that can be represented by a kink (fluxon) motion back and forth in the restricted geometry. This dynamics is produced by driving the system at one end at a given frequency. As a consequence our result suggests the conception of a device which could switch to the conducting regime not according to intensity range but rather to given (quantized) frequency range. Moreover our findings indicate also a frequency converting scenario by choosing appropriately the system length and injected fluxon number.
1 :  Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik komplexer Systeme
2 :  LPTA - Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Astroparticules
Science non linéaire/Formation de Structures et Solitons