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Exploitation and Sustainability First Plan
Marc-Elian Bégin1, David O'Callaghan2, Christophe Blanchet3, Evangelos Floros4, Ignacio Llorente5, Charles Loomis6, Henar Muñoz Frutos7
StratusLab Collaboration(s)

This document describes StratusLab's plans for exploitation and sustainability during the second year of the project and beyond. The plans cover commercial exploitation, primarily through commercial integration and support; and non-commercial exploitation, through use in national and international research e-infrastructures: for operating grid resources on private clouds, and for running research-oriented community clouds. In addition, we plan exploitation through projects such as OpenNebula and EGI, and through training and future research. Sustainability is driven by a desire to support critical infrastructures and as a basis for future research. Public funding, private funding and community contributions will play a role in sustainability through promotion, community development, support of cloud strategies, national cloud infrastructures, and cloud research.
1 :  SixSq
2 :  School of Computer Science and Statistics [Dublin]
3 :  IBCP - Institut de biologie et chimie des protéines [Lyon]
4 :  GRNET - Greek Research and Technology Network S.A.
5 :  Universidad Complutense de Madrid
6 :  LAL - Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
7 :  Telefonica I+D - Telefonica Investigación y Desarrollo
Distributed Systems Architecture (DSA) Research Group
Informatique/Calcul parallèle, distribué et partagé
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