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Kruger Park international workshop on TeV Gamma-Ray Astrophysics, Kruger Park : South Africa
Performances of the CAT imaging telescope and some preliminary results on Mkn 180 and the Crab - Towards a Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Detector V
A. Barrau, R. Bazer-Bachi, H. Cabot, L M. Chounet1, G. Debiais, B. Degrange1, J P. Dezalay, A. Djannati-Atai, D. Dumora2, P. Espigat3, B. Fabre, P. Fleury1, G. Fontaine1, R. George, C. Ghesquiere3, P. Goret, C. Gouiffes, I A. Grenier, L. Iacoucci1, S. Le Bohec1, I. Malet, C. Meynadier, P. Munz, T A. Palfrey, E. Pare1, Y. Pons4, M. Punch3, J. Quebert2, K. Ragan2, C. Renault, M. Rivoal4, L. Rob, P. Schovanek, D. Smith2, J P. Tavernet4, J. Vrana1
CAT Collaboration(s)

The CAT imaging telesope, which uses the Atmospheric Cherenkov Technique to observe TeV gamma-ray sources, has been operating since September 1996. Located in southern France, it features a fine grained camera consisting of 546 PMT with a pixel size of 0.12 degrees. Strong gamma-ray signals from Mkn 501 above 200 GeV were detected during observations made in April 1997. The high signal/noise ratio for these data enables direct characterization of the gamma-ray images as recorded in the camera. These results are used to validate the Monte-Carlo simulations of the response of the telescope to gamma-ray showers and to improve its performances. Observational results on Mkn 180 and the Crab nebula spectrum are presented.
1 :  LLR - Laboratoire Leprince-Ringuet
2 :  CENBG - Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux Gradignan
3 :  PCC - Physique Corpusculaire et Cosmologie - Collège de France
4 :  LPNHE - Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et de Hautes Énergies
Physique/Astrophysique/Cosmologie et astrophysique extra-galactique

Planète et Univers/Astrophysique
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