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IEEE 2003 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, Portland : États-Unis
Simulation of cellular irradiation with the CENBG microbeam line using GEANT4
S. Incerti1, P. Barberet1, R. Villeneuve1, P. Aguer1, E. Gontier1, C. Michelet-Habchi1, P. Moretto1, D.T. Nguyen1, T. Pouthier1, R.W. Smith1

Light ion microbeams provide a unique opportunity to irradiate biological samples at the cellular level and to investigate radiobiological effects at low doses of high linear energy transfer ionizing radiation. Since 1998 a single-ion irradiation facility has been developed on the focused horizontal microbeam line of the CENBG 3,5 MV Van de Graaff accelerator.This setup delivers in air single protons and alpha particles of a few MeV onto cultured cells, with a spatial resolution of a few micrometers, allowing subcellular targeting. In this paper, we present results from the use of the GEANT4 toolkit to simulate cellular irradiation with the CENBG microbeam line, from the entrance to the microprobe up to the cellular medium. We show that a 3 MeV incident alpha particle may deliver a dose of 0.33 Gy to a typical cell nucleus.
1 :  CENBG - Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux Gradignan

Sciences du Vivant/Bio-Informatique, Biologie Systémique


Physique/Physique/Physique Médicale
Cellular irradiation - GEANT4 - Microbeam - Microdosimetry - Monte Carlo - Ray tracing
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