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XVth International Conference on Electromagnetic Isotope Separators and Techniques related to their Applications (EMIS2007), Deauville : France (2007)
A mass spectrometer based on monocharged ECR ion source and Wien filter
C. Pierret C.1, L. Maunoury1, J.Y. Pacquet2, M. G. Saint Laurent2, O. Tuske3
SPIRAL2 Collaboration(s)

Thanks to the high performances of the standard computer, it is now possible to make simulations with a high degree of accuracy. This paper will present simulations of a mass spectrometer based on a Wien filter. The ion source will be of a type of MONO1000 ECRIS. This ion source can ionize atoms with a high efficiency especially for gas type. After the ionization, the ions are mass selected and could be injected either within a beam line towards an experiment area, either in an N+ charge booster or either be used as a radioactive ion analyzer. The simulations are computed with the SIMION 3D and AXCEL software. Radioactive noble gas ion spectra will be presented for several configurations of the mass spectrometer and performances of this simple system will be showed.
1 :  CIRIL (GANIL) - Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche Ions Lasers
2 :  GANIL - Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds
3 :  DAPNIA - Département d'Astrophysique, de physique des Particules, de physique Nucléaire et de l'Instrumentation Associée
Physique/Physique/Instrumentations et Détecteurs
plasma sources – Wien filter – radioactive beam – mass spectrometer