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Dalton Transactions (2007) 4214-4221
Dissolution of $UO_2$, $UO_3$ and of some lanthanide oxides in Bumim $Tf_2$N: effect of acid and water and formation of $UO_2(NO_3)_3^–$
I. Billard1, C. Gaillard1, C. Hennig

UO_2, UO_3, Nd_2O_3, Eu_2O_3 and Pr_6O_11 powders were successfully dissolved in the ionic liquid 1-methyl-3-butyl-imidazolium bistriflimide (BumimTf_2N) with the help of small amounts of HNO_3. The uranyl species have been characterised through UV-vis and EXAFS spectroscopies. The uranium dissolution leads to the formation of UO_2(NO_3)_3^–, even in the presence of water. The kinetics of UO_2 dissolution/oxidation is intricate, due to the transient existence of NO_2^–, which is absent in the case of the UO_3 dissolution, occurring with no change in the oxidation state of U.
1 :  DRS-IPHC - Département Recherches Subatomiques