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17th International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP09), Prague : Tchèque, République (2009)
An integrated overview of metadata in ATLAS
E. Gallas, S. Albrand1, R. Hawkings, D. Malon, E. Torrence
ATLAS Collaboration(s)

Metadata--data about data--arise in many contexts, from many diverse sources, and at many levels in ATLAS. Familiar examples include run-level, luminosity-block-level, and event-level metadata, and, related to processing and organization, dataset-level and file-level metadata, but these categories are neither exhaustive nor orthogonal. Some metadata are known a priori, in advance of data taking or simulation; other metadata are known only after processing--and occasionally, quite late (e.g., detector status or quality updates that may appear after Tier 0 reconstruction is complete). Metadata that may seem relevant only internally to the distributed computing infrastructure under ordinary conditions may become relevant to physics analysis under error conditions ("What can I discover about data I failed to process?"). This talk provides an overview of metadata and metadata handling in ATLAS, and describes ongoing work to deliver integrated metadata services in support of physics analysis.
1 :  LPSC - Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie