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Cosmic rays and their interstellar environment CRISM-2011, Montpellier : France (2011)
Nuclear interactions of low-energy cosmic rays with the interstellar medium
V. Tatischeff1, J. Kiener1

Cosmic rays of kinetic energies below ~1 GeV per nucleon are thought to play a key role in the chemistry and dynamics of the interstellar medium. They are also thought to be responsible for nucleosynthesis of the light elements Li, Be, and B. However, very little is known about the flux and composition of low-energy cosmic rays since the solar modulation effect makes impossible a direct detection of these particles near Earth. We first discuss the information that the light elements have brought to cosmic-ray studies. We then discuss the prospects for detection of nuclear gamma-ray line emission produced by interaction of low-energy cosmic rays with interstellar nuclei.
1 :  CSNSM - Centre de Spectrométrie Nucléaire et de Spectrométrie de Masse
Physique/Astrophysique/Phénomènes cosmiques de haute energie

Planète et Univers/Astrophysique/Phénomènes cosmiques de haute energie
Cosmic rays – Nuclear reactions – nucleosynthesis – abundances – Gamma rays: ISM
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