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Journal of High Energy Physics 03 (2012) 092
WZ plus missing-E_T signal from gaugino pair production at LHC7
H. Baer, V. Barger, S. Kraml1, A. Lessa, W. Sreethawong, X. Tata

LHC searches for supersymmetry currently focus on strongly produced sparticles, which are copiously produced if gluinos and squarks have masses of a few hundred GeV. However, in supersymmetric models with heavy scalars, as favored by the decoupling solution to the SUSY flavor and CP problems, and m_{\tg}> 500 GeV as indicated by recent LHC results, chargino--neutralino (\tw_1^\pm\tz_2) production is the dominant cross section for m_{\tw_1} \sim m_{\tz_2} < m_{\tg}/3 at LHC with \sqrt{s}=7 TeV (LHC7). Furthermore, if m_{\tz_1}+m_Z \lesssim m_{\tz_2}\lesssim m_{\tz_1}+m_h, then \tz_2 dominantly decays via \tz_2\to\tz_1 Z, while \tw_1 decays via \tw_1\to \tz_1 W. We investigate the LHC7 reach in the WZ + MET channel (for both leptonic and hadronic decays of the W boson) in models with and without the assumption of gaugino mass universality. In the case of the mSUGRA/CMSSM model with heavy squark masses, the LHC7 discovery reach in the WZ+MET channel becomes competetive with the reach in the canonical MET + jets channel for integrated luminosities \sim 30 fb^-1. We also present the LHC7 reach for a simplified model with arbitrary m_{\tz_1} and m_{\tw_1} \sim m_{\tz_2}. Here, we find a reach of up to m_{\tw_1}\sim 200 (250) GeV for 10 (30) fb^-1.
1 :  LPSC - Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie
Physique/Physique des Hautes Energies - Phénoménologie
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