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Positron Options for the Linac-Ring LHeC
Zimmermann F., Brüning O.S., Papaphilippou Y., Schulte D., Sievers P. et al
Dans Proceedings of IPAC2012 - International Particle Accelerator Conference - IPAC'12, New Orleans : États-Unis (2012) - http://hal.in2p3.fr/in2p3-00704868
Physique/Physique/Physique des accélérateurs
Positron Options for the Linac-Ring LHeC
F. Zimmermann1, O.S. Brüning1, Y. Papaphilippou1, D. Schulte1, P. Sievers1, H.-H. Braun, E.V. Bulyak, M. Klein, L. Rinolfi, A. Variola2, F. Zomer2, V. Yakimenko
1 :  CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research
2 :  LAL - Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
CNRS : UMR8607 – IN2P3 – Université Paris XI - Paris Sud
Centre Scientifique d'Orsay B.P. 34 91898 ORSAY Cedex
Dept. Accelerateurs
The full physics program of a future Large Hadron electron Collider (LHeC) requires both pe+ and pe- collisions. For a pulsed 140-GeV or an ERL-based 60-GeV Linac-Ring LHeC this implies a challenging rate of, respectively, about 1.8 *10 15 or 4.4 *10 16 e+/s at the collision point, which is about 300 or 7000 times the past SLC rate. We consider providing this e+ rate through a combination of measures: (1) Reducing the required production rate from the e+ target through colliding e+ (and the LHC protons) several times before deceleration, by reusing the e+ over several acceleration/ deceleration cycles, and by cooling them, e.g., with a compact tri-ring scheme or a conventional damping ring in the SPS tunnel. (2) Using an advanced target, e.g., W-granules, rotating wheel, sliced-rod converter, or liquid metal jet, for converting gamma rays to e+. (3) Selecting the most powerful of several proposed gamma sources, namely Compton ERL, Compton storage ring, co- herent pair production in a strong laser, or high-field undulator radiation from the high-energy lepton beam. We describe the various concepts, present example parameters, estimate the electrical power required, and mention open questions.

Communications avec actes
Proceedings of IPAC2012
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Joint Accelerator Conferences Website

International Particle Accelerator Conference - IPAC'12
New Orleans

LAL/RT 12-13
ISBN 978-3-95450-115-1 - http://accelconf.web.cern.ch/AccelConf/IPAC2012/papers/weppr076.pdf
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