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International Particle Accelerator Conference - IPAC'12, New Orleans : États-Unis (2012)
A European Proposal for the Compton Gamma-ray Source of ELI-NP
C. Vaccarezza, O. Adriani, S. Albergo, D. Alesini, M. Anania, A. Bacci, R. Bedogni, M. Bellaveglia, C. Biscari, R. Boni, I. Boscolo, M. Boscolo, F. Broggi, P. Cardarelli, M. Castellano, L. Catani, E. Chiadroni, A. Cianchi, A. Clozza, C. Curatolo, C. De Martinis, G. Di Domenico, E. Dipasquale, G. Dipirro, A. Drago, A. Esposito, M. Ferrario, A. Gallo, M. Gambaccini, G. Gatti, A. Ghigo, G. Graziani, F. Marcellini, C. Maroli, M. Marziani, G. Mazzitelli, E. Pace, G. Passaleva, L. Pellegrino, V. Petrillo, R. Pompili, R. Ricci, R. Rossi, M. Serio, L. Serafini, F. Sgamma, B. Spataro, A. Stecchi, A. Stella, P. Tomassini, A. Tricomi, M. Veltri, S. Vescovi, F. Villa, C. Ronsivalle, P. Antici, M. Coppola, E. Iarocci, L. Lancia, A. Mostacci, M. Migliorati, V. Nardone, L. Palumbo, I. Chaickovska1, O. Dadoun1, F. Druon2, P. Fichot1, P. Georges2, A. Mueller, A. Stocchi1, A. Variola1, F. Zomer1, D. Angal-Kalinin, N. Bliss, J. Clarke, B. Fell, A. Goulden, J. Herbert, S. Jamison, B. Martlew, P. Mcintosh, R. Smith, S. Smith

A European proposal is under preparation for the Compton gamma-ray Source of ELI-NP. In the Romanian pillar of ELI (the European Extreme Light Infrastructure) an advanced gamma-ray beam is foreseen, coupled to two 10 PW laser systems. The photons will be generated by Compton back- scattering in the collision between a high quality electron beam and a high power laser. A European collaboration formed by INFN, Univ. of Roma La Sapienza, Orsay-LAL of IN2P3, Univ. de Paris Sud XI and ASTeC at Daresbury, is preparing a TDR exploring the feasibility of a machine expected to achieve the Gamma-ray beam specifications: energy tunable between 1 and 20 MeV, narrow bandwidth (0.3%) and high spectral density, 104 photons/sec/eV. We will describe the layout of the 720 MeV RF Linac and the collision laser with the associated optical cavity, as well as the optimized beam dynamics to achieve maximum phase space density at the collision, taking into account beam loading and beam break-up due to the acceleration of long bunch trains. The predicted gamma-ray spectra will be evaluated as the gamma photons collimators background. An option for electron bunches recirculation will also be illustrated.
1 :  LAL - Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
2 :  LCF - Laboratoire Charles Fabry
Physique/Physique/Physique des accélérateurs
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