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Colloque International du C.N.R.S.: La Physique des Terres Rares à l'Etat Métallique / Physics of Metallic Rare-Earths, Grenoble : France (1979)
Electronic and magnetic properties of some rare-earth dihydrides and dideuterides
B. Dunlap, G. Shenoy, J.M. Friedt1, D. Westlake

Mössbauer spectroscopy has been used to study the electronic and magnetic properties of a number of rare-earth dihydrides and dideuterides. In stoichiometric ErH2 and DyH2, magnetic transitions and crystal field ground states have been established. In non-stoichiometric compounds DyH2+x and (Er)HoH2+x changes of the rare-earth point symmetry due to distributions in hydrogen site occupations are seen. This results in increases in the magnetic transition temperatures and distributions in the magnetic moments.
1 :  IReS - Institut de Recherches Subatomiques
Physique/Articles anciens
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