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International Conference On Heavy Ion Nuclear Collisions In The Fermi Energy Domain,Hicofed 86, Caen : France (1986)
A. Lejeune, J. Cugnon, P. Grange1

The properties of cold and hot nuclear matter are studied in the frame of the Brueckner theory, extended to finite temperature. We limit ourself to the BHF approximation. The basic ingredient is the Paris potential supplemented by the introduction of three-body forces coming from the exchange of π and ρ mesons. Particular attention is paid to one-body properties namely the single-particle energy spectrum, the effective mass and the mean free path. We evaluate and discuss the level density parameter a which is closely related to the calculated entropy. In a first approach, the temperature and density dependence of a two-body properties, the effective interaction, is analysed.
1 :  IReS - Institut de Recherches Subatomiques
Physique/Articles anciens
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